Do you smell what I smell? 911 and Israel
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Author:  Ry [ Sun Nov 11, 2007 8:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Do you smell what I smell? 911 and Israel

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There are so many movies and books about 911 being and inside job. They do a good job pointing out the problems with the physics of the event and the reports of secondary explosions etc. What few to none have done is connect the dots between the attack the war in Iraq, PNAC and Israel. Now there is a movement within the movement that has been trying to expose the Zionist face on this whole thing. It has been difficult to do because there have also been some slandering nutbag pieces of trash crypto anti-Semites who have tried to attach themselves to the anti-Zionist movement.

Well Let me spell it out for you in a quick, 2 page summary of a 40 or so page Essay (Iraq, 911, PNAC, All Roads Lead to Israel) that has already been on WRH, RBN radio, WRH radio, TOGI, KUCI, DG, CC, and a variety of podcast and torrents. (Rys2sense) has had this article up since 2004 and updated it in 2007. We need to get this information out. 911 Truth is becoming cult-like, and calling for an independent investigation is as silly as calling for an investigation into who killed the American Indians. We know what happened. We don't need some authority on the hill to admit it and say “yes OK it was us!”. It wouldn’t happen anyway.

I will make this as basic as I can so that you can share it with people not in the movement.

There is a group called the AEI, (American Enterprise Institute) It's a think tank full of x-communist leftists, former Trotskyite, Leo Straussian, 'Might makes Right' Machiavellian die hard Zionists. Zionism is a perfect fit for these profiteering psychopaths because that kind of philosophy of ethnic supremacy and God ordained murder can create nothing but conflict. And conflict equates to money, to the Neocons. The active arm or the policy arm of AEI is think tank/media outlet called PNAC Project for a New American Century.

The PNAC group is a cabal of Zionists with their fingers in every pie. You can think of PNAC as the top of the Military Industrial Complex. They are the MIC's management. They have their thumb on the spicket, because they dish out the contracts to the MIC through the Pentagon. The PNAC crew acts as a medium between the government, stock market and the MIC. They control who gets what and run the private equity firms that pool investments for the insider trading. The heads of the DOD (Department of Defense) the CEOs and Board of Direct members of the top MIC corporations (including the mass media) and the PNAC group are all one in the same. This small cabal connects them all. The Neocons were/are essentially allocating money to themselves through the war's reconstruction and security contracts. Venture capitalist can ride the coattails.

This group of dual citizen Zionist wrote Policy Papers for Israel calling for the need to destroy Iraq. Then they wrote their plan to Clinton to remove Saddam from power and replace him with the INC Iraq National Congress headed up by Ahmed Chalabi. Every Pre-invasion lie, the entire propaganda package used to start the war with Iraq has already been written by PNAC. They openly stated the myths about Weapons of Mass destruction specifically the lies about Mobile Bio labs, the Chemical weapons under the palaces, the Anthrax hype, the connection to Al Qaeda and even the 911 hijackers, the uranium claims, drone planes hitting the UK and the junk about a mushroom cloud were all cooked up by PNAC and written in their papers. The plan to throw Iraq into factional in-fighting and privatize the resources for the MIC was written as far back as 1982 by the Israeli Oded Yinon.

When the war propaganda began the media reported each PNAC talking point as an unquestioned truth. There can be no doubt they said. And to challenge this mantra at the time was labeled "un-American" people were driving around with their silly yellow magnets and not concerning themselves at all as to what was going on, they just wanted to bomb somebody, anybody (brown) would do. The Zionist moles in the media barfed out all the scare tactics verbatim from the PNAC script for the war and cited as their sources the INC, Chalabi, and anonymous "defectors". Later when George Tenet said they were all wrong, that was a lie. Being wrong is when you think something is true and it turns out not to be true. However in this case they knew that they were just making it up and said it anyway. Hundreds of thousands of deaths (which are still on-going) later they tried to claim to have made mistakes and miscalculations.

The same Israeli firsters in the press were used again to cover up the discovery of the origins of known forgeries out of Niger which was yet another pre-invasion lie created by the same PNAC cabal in the DOD out of an office that was later caught spying for Israel.

Not surprisingly the central PNAC figures have a history of spying for Israel and leaking classified information and Israel has a history of false flags and total media immunity.

Everyone knows that 911 was falsely linked to Iraq and 911 was used as emotional blackmail to push policy. It was used as a launching pad into unjustified wars which had been Pentagon dreams for over a decade. PNAC called for the need for a New Pearl Harbor to justify the wars and spending it wanted. The people behind the Iraq lies, the Anthrax cases, and the missing trillions from the Pentagon were all Zionists, are all from PNAC

PNAC members and their business partners were even on the 911 Commission. It was a cover up for the Israeli false flag. The Israeli Mossad lived next door to the allege hijackers. Israel had the largest spy ring in US history busted on 911 with over 200 spies arrested. Five Israelis were working for a Mossad front which was located only 3 miles form the said Hijackers address in New Jersey and were caught on September 11 2001 with cameras waiting to film the event before it happened, and then dancing and celebrating the attacks in New York after it happened. When police questioned them they first tried to blame the Palestinians. Conveniently at this time there was a film of dancing Palestinians broadcast all over US TV said to be celebrating the attacks. It turned out that that film was complete theatre staged by the Israeli defense ministry who had thrown candy and water to desperate children and then put a camera on their joy. The evidence linking the Israelis to 911 along with the film they made is "classified."

The American media never retracted what it said about Palestinians dancing nor did they ever explain the footage aside from a few US radio shows. Put-options for the stocks known to tank in the event of the attack were traced right back to members of the Israeli Mossad and the CIA. It was the Zionists who sent the Anthrax to politicians and media figures which was then blamed on Arab Terrorists with notes that said ”Death to America Death and to Israel”.

This was part of a package. It was at this time that a frightened congress passed the pre-written (by Zionists) Patriot Act and the creation of the Department of Home Land Security run by Michael Chertoff, son of a Rabbi whose mother was a founder of the ADL. His cousin is an editor for Popular Mechanics (surely an oxymoron?), a publication specializing in explaining 911's bizarro physics and debunking 911 truth through straw man arguments. Silverstien, the owner of Building 7, is a staunch Zionist who talked to former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu once a week on the phone.

Central PNAC figure Lewis Libby (Liebowitz), who was a lawyer for a Mossad during Iran Contra and wrote a book about children getting raped by animals, was the vary same Neocon working for Cheney who fed lies to his cohorts like Judith Miller in the media, as well as leaking information to cover up the mess from fellow Dual Citizen Neocon Douglas Feith's office. 911 was a false flag operation on the part of the Likud Zionists which incorporated elements of both the Israeli Mossad and their Neocon moles in the DOD and FBI. We have a Rough clique of Robert Kaganite Nitze crazies straight out of the Aspen Institute with insane false flag plans that range as far back as Operation Northwoods. But now, the previously rejected ultra Theocon wing brought in by LBJ is at the steering wheel. They have hijacked US foreign policy and they treat the military like a toy to be tossed into conflicts at their will. This faction has to be exposed and the grip that Israel has on the US media, congress, and banks must be pried loose by the truth, otherwise the US will be stuck on the road to a USSR style financial collapse and endless military backlash/blowback.

Iraq, 911, PNAC, ALL Roads Lead to Israel. READ this document! And pass it to friends.

And Thank you to Mike Rivero, Mike Herzog, and Robert Larson for already giving this exposure. We still need more.

Also thank you to all the bloggers who have helped promote this work.
-Ryan Dawson.

PS if you have not already register for this site (it's free) and become an Anti-Neocon. Support Ron Paul,get updates on the AIPAC trial and all the latest news the media is paid not to tell you.


Author:  Ry [ Sun Nov 11, 2007 10:35 pm ]
Post subject: ... php?t=9804 here a link to this.

Also a film is coming.

The final cut to Loose Change was more of the same.

The excuse that you can't mention Zionism on the air or a movie is a farce. People are dieing for it.

Author:  Jeremy [ Mon Nov 12, 2007 1:36 am ]
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Author:  Ry [ Mon Nov 12, 2007 2:31 am ]
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Author:  Ry [ Mon Nov 12, 2007 6:39 am ]
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This has nothing to do with 911 but

go Ron Paul!

Author:  Ry [ Mon Nov 12, 2007 9:05 am ]
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Lizst thanks for the touch up.

Author:  VerySad [ Mon Nov 12, 2007 9:14 am ]
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Ry you know that on they linked to this article here right?

Just fyi.

Author:  Liszt [ Mon Nov 12, 2007 10:31 am ]
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Ry wrote:
Lizst thanks for the touch up.

you're welcome, but promote is still spelt wrong :)

Author:  Irie Dave [ Mon Nov 12, 2007 5:46 pm ]
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Damn it, only 16 diggs? We need to pull together like 1000 people & get one of these to the top ten list, desperately.

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