Ahmadinejad: US, 'big prison'
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Author:  Xed [ Tue Sep 25, 2007 11:25 am ]
Post subject:  Ahmadinejad: US, 'big prison'

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad slams Washington's domestic policy saying the US has turned into a big prison for the American nation.

He made the remarks at a meeting with the leaders of US Muslim community on Tuesday.

Ahmadinejad criticized the offensive remarks made by Columbia University's President Lee Bollinger adding, "They insult the guest they've invited and echoed statements of a terrorist group in their remarks. They knew their words would not affect me and just tried to prevent the university students from listening to new words. "

Ahmadinejad said the Holocaust was a pretext to occupy Palestine and displace millions of peoples, therefore its aspects should be studied. "They displaced the Palestinian nation under the pretext of the massacre of the Jews; if it is revealed that the Holocaust has nothing to do with the issue of Palestine and the figures in this regard are exaggerated, they will have nothing to say."

"Resolutions are no longer of any use to counter Israel's crimes and the approved resolutions are not implemented either. I'm sure that Americans are against those crimes and consider Palestinians to be right. "

He described discord between Shias and Sunnis in Iraq as a plot hatched by the enemies, which can be thwarted by unity.

Ahmadinejad called on all Muslims to strive for justice in the world adding, "We believe all religions have the same origin. Christians, Jews and Muslims all believe in the savior. " ... =351020101

Author:  Ry [ Wed Sep 26, 2007 1:37 am ]
Post subject:  Nukes Vs Babies Logic construct 101

Neocon Logic 101.

ABCNNBCBS FOX NEWS press release.

An interview with Satan cough I mean Ahmadinejad Satan

"So Ahmadinejad do you still eat live babies? "

What on earth are you talking about?

"We think you eat babies. Can you prove that you don't?"

You can't prove a negative

"Just answer the question with a clear Yes Or No."

Well I don't like the wording of your question are you a journalist or an operative? You can not prove a negative

We'll take that as a no. So you cannot offer any proof that you don't eat babies."

I don't eat babies.

"Of course you say that, but where is the proof? Everybody says that you do it. If you cannot offer any proof then you must be eating them"

I have never eaten a baby, that is insane and there is no evidence that I have ever eaten a baby.

"We don't have to prove that you did it, only that you could do it. And you could do it. You are large enough and there are babies in your country aren't there?"

Are you saying that the only reason Iran could have babies would be to eat them, and not raise them in families?

"We think you are having them so that you can eat them, so we are passing sanctions until you prove that you don't eat them."

It is the US that has poisoned countless newborn children with depleted Uranium. It is the US that is killing babies.

"Well....911 911 911 911 Islamo-fascist 911 911 911 911 We have to get you there before you get us here."

That does not even make sense

"So when you eat babies do you slap your mother too?"

I told you...


Well I don't eat babies what is wrong with you?

"Ah but you do slap your mother!"

Replace babies with Nukes. And you have the Nuclear scare argument.

Author:  Ry [ Wed Sep 26, 2007 9:08 pm ]
Post subject: 

That and people who would go to jai dont because if you spend enough oney in the system then you get community service etc.

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