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 Post subject: Take away their Life Blood
 Post Posted: Mon Aug 20, 2007 9:57 am 
Anti-Neocon novice
Anti-Neocon novice

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“In their pockets”. Hardly an original nor shockingly innovative proposal for letting the financiers of the current and future American regime(s) know that citizens are able and more than willing to decide what’s right or wrong and act upon it.

If nothing else, not even voting, mass protests and zillions of websites and postings, seems to work anymore, revolution is a sure alternative mean to initiate change. Today an overnight political turn-around would be ideal, however not realistic (yet). A countrywide complex of more or less related and focussed actions might hold more merit. One such action would be a buyer’s boycott of ‘tainted’ goods and services. Either spontaneous or organised, a slight change of daily routine and decision making by enough American consumers, could surely determine the new direction this country should be heading.

This latent power is sitting in your hands, waiting to be used.

The creation and distribution of a blacklist of products (not to buy) and companies (not to buy from) which are directly or indirectly connected or enabling the warmongering Administration, should not be very hard to pull of and would surely send a bright signal of protest. If not for immediate loss of returns and shareholders value, then at least some corporate images will be hurt. Imagine for example how Murdoch would feel if his advertisers would sell less instead of more or if most of Halliburton’s or GE’s subsidiaries would see falling turnovers from one moment to another, while pickets and publications grow ever ‘louder’.

If the purpose is clearly stated and the supporting communication around such an initiative of “banned products listing” was to be short, crisp and factual, the idea might be picked up by many people nationwide to snowball so rapidly it will make corrupt heads spin.

Unfortunately, as a Dutch guy I don’t have enough hands-on day to day American market insight to be able to make a viable listing myself and kick-start such a campaign, so I will have to drop the concept here with the sincere hope it will catch on somehow.

I feel for the USA and although you people were all duped by evil parasites a long time ago, I know there is still a vivid vibrancy in your society that will make you overcome.

Try it and hit them, call me naïve but you cannot afford not to.

In case you people are really serious about turning fascism into freedom, you should also all at once consider not paying income tax anymore, as another possible action of civil disobedience. Because since 1913 your earnings disappeared straight into the coffers of private bankers via the blatantly unconstitutional IRS and Federal Reserve Bank, as the ultimate national debt creator, inflation breeder and dollar wrecker.
Just refuse to work and pay for your own destruction.

“If money is the life blood of this society, then realize you do hold the heart and arteries”

May your frustration turn into strength and resolve.

Rob Quintveld

If it doesn't make sense, try mirror image upside down and inside out thinking.

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