Brzezinski "US will create false flag to attack Iran
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Author:  Tabui [ Sun Feb 18, 2007 9:04 am ]
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Yes that is very interesting.
Brzezinski - one of the most intelligent men - indicted.

Yes I agree that there will come an attack on the US and the US will use this attack to declare martial law.
This way the US government is already totally centralized.

But in Russia the same thing is going on: centralization of government.
The follower of Putin will inherit a full dictatorship.

But back to the US:
I believe that most of the US folks will not know that this was an inside job.
The reason for some interest groups saying that it is an inside job is to create a feeling of disgust in other nations.

In Germany, for example, i can imagine it will say on every corner that it was an inside job. At the end the US will stand all alone by itself.

But we must keep in mind that the American people have nothing in common with those folks runnin ghte government, right now.

Author:  Tabui [ Sun Feb 18, 2007 9:15 am ]
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and pertaining to Israel:

I really believe that Israel is a patsy.
I believe that the policy of Israel is run by exactly those folks who run the policy of all other nations.

A highly interesting thing what has completely chaged my view on Israel is what Tom Bearden had to say (he is the guy who talks about those electromagnetic Tesla weapons):

Anyway, he claims that there would have been series of attacks onto the US a LOGT TIME AGO (by the Russians), IF it would have not been for a small nation that alway had the intelligence in time and threatened Russia that if they proceeded, they would blast their strategic units all off the face of the earth.

I always wondered WHICH country that may have been. he never said.
He only said it was a country where the scientists where not sitting on their ears and ignoring Tesla technology.

Then one day I bought hia book "Oblivion", and there he names the little nation by its name: it is ISRAEL

And I believe that.

I beleive Israel is being used as a patsy and that Israel really is one of the last governments on this earth where its polititians would sell out their country their people
I bet most of them don't even know that they are being used to start WW3. And those who realized the trap, the set-up, had to go (like Sharonand Rabbin).

This is my view on Israel

Author:  Ry [ Sun Feb 18, 2007 10:59 am ]
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Israel sold Russia nuclear secrets that it took from America from spying.

Author:  Ry [ Sun Feb 18, 2007 11:16 am ]
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Your saying they dont do anything about it because they are bigots? Really you dont think some of it is just driven by money and they could careless what somones religious beliefs are?

No I am saying that behind leader of the faith the religion is about money its an odd method but it noild down to conning pepole for moeny in exchange for mind warlping fairytale to let people think they live forever.

The basic supporter has no purpose in life outside of their devotion to spreading their religion. They see Making ALL of the promised land part of Israel and all of Israel a Jewish state as part of doing god's will. And it is doing God's will according to the Jews who invented that god and wrote those books.

There are lots of greedy people in the world and they might steal and do some bad things but 99% do not go as far as to ethnically cleanse people and even if they wanted to they could not get it done without religion.

No one in the press gave a damn about the invasion of Lebanon until Christian areas of Beruit were hit then Suddenly Israel was in the wrong and the reports about killing civilians came pouring in. When Israel did the SAME thing to Palestine including the two hostage frame up and bombing of infastructure and all, nobody in the press gave a DAMN.

go back in history even at the peek of racism in the US where black people were sold like horses, killing them outright was wrong however killing an Indian would get you money from Uncle Sam because after all the Indians were not Christian. It is not about being white or brown it is about being a Protestant Christian or not.

Author:  Tabui [ Sun Feb 18, 2007 11:22 am ]
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yes that is a very interesting clip there (even though I dont get any video)

But then this UN weapons inspector Hans Blix (I think was his name) has already been saying that the plans to strike Iran have been finished and in place FOR 2005 to strike.

Yes, I think they will strike, but I think that all this telfling us about it fist is some sort of conditioning.

At the end we wont be upset hen it happens, but we will go something like:
"fiiiiiinally they did it"

Author:  Ry [ Sun Feb 18, 2007 11:33 am ]
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My friends that came home from Iraq told me back in 2005 that the US was already in Iran.

Author:  Tabui [ Sun Feb 18, 2007 12:00 pm ]
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I am not doubting that.

And I am sure they will go in there again.

For the entire middle east has to be totally destabalized with no standing army left when the Russians walk in.

Because for the Russians the middle east is only a milestone. It is their "south flank"
Having the Americans destabilize the middle east is of course a brilliant strategy. This way the Americans clear the way for the main force, while blowing their own army into the wind. After all, the genuine American military is a thorn in the OneWorlder's eye.

The Russians, by the way, will come in via their huge asphalt road that they built back then into Afghanistan.
And indeed, there are already "calls" for the Russians to consider "helping" in the middle east.

The north flank will be Skandinavia.
The Russians will go into Skandinavia.

Then they will march west right into Europe.

At this point the OneWorlders count on all world leaders to turn to them and ask them for help (as it is "prophesized" in the protocolls).

Also at this point the Russians will have been stamped as the greatest villians in history.

So then when the nations turn to the one worlders, they will cut the Russian armed forces in two with chemical weapons (they have done this in a similar way in WW1, but without chem weapons).
And then China will also turn against Russia.

So the front part of the Russians will then be beat by the Europeans with most advanced weapons system, the back part by the Chinese.

At this point, when the Russians are beat, they will nuke the US. And that also perfectly fits into the scheme for the OneWorlders hate america and want to have that back into the stone age.

At the same time teh Amerikans will nuke Russia, which also fists perfectly into the agenda. The OneWorlders, after all, ALWAYS dispose off their collaborators, when they have done their job.
(I go a bit into this on my website. But I haven't translated this into english yet.

So THIS is pretty much what we have to expect.


May the Almighty God shorten this all for the sake of the few just

Author:  Tabui [ Sun Feb 18, 2007 12:18 pm ]
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The OneWorlders are, in my opinion, the international bankers who have their seat in wall street.

The most incredible political document is "Red Symphony", which can be red freely on the internet.

Gary Allen also very nicely describes what is going on in his book "None dare call it conspiracy"

Why not kill the OneWorlders?
why dont u try

Author:  Tabui [ Sun Feb 18, 2007 3:19 pm ]
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I personally dont think that there would be any point in killing anyone.

For every OneWorlder one gets there would be standing another 100 in line to take over.

This is not just an earthly thing. This goes into the supernatural.

There really is a Lucifer, or Satan, and they are playing their game.
It's some sort of separating the wheat from the chaff.
But how do u separate the wheat from the chaff?

I think the way to do that is in some form like cell mitosis (or meiosis).
Take a look at the pictures of what really takes place during cell division.

So there u have the point at which in the nucleaus the spindle apparatus builds up and u have two different poles traveling to each far end of the nucleaus. Its like "good and bad" pole. At the same time the nucleotides, or lets just call them for this argument "elements", so the elements travel to their corresponding sides. They are sort of attracted to their poles and thus travel along the spindle apparatus to their corresponding poles.

Once they are with their poles, the nucleaus divides and the cell divides.

So the same we have now, and I bet that this has taken place throughout the history of existance many times.

At some point then the creator is going to come along and make the cut.

So this seriously what I believe that is going on

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