Time line in the Middle East
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Author:  Ry [ Thu Jan 03, 2008 11:08 am ]
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How was the video? It sticks to the text until I got tired of reading it. lol.

Author:  k [ Thu Jan 03, 2008 11:41 am ]
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This is superb. If I had a million, I would make a documentary using archive footage and interviews.

Author:  Ry [ Fri Jan 18, 2008 11:50 pm ]
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why not pin? it tends to get bumped in this section.

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I didnt pinn it because it is already in the hub but it is pinned now.

Author:  Drew J [ Tue Jun 10, 2008 1:18 am ]
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The UN Report Prepared for Ralphe Bunche
from a UN committee
01 October 1948


The UN Report Prepared in 1948 for Ralphe Bunche, New UN Commissioner to Palestine.

Foreword: In view of the tragic assassination of Count Folke Bernadotte by identified Jewish terrorists on September 17 of this year, the following report has been prepared for the use of Dr. Bunche, Count Bernadotte's immediate replacement.

This report is a compilation of all identified terrorist attacks on British, American and Arab individuals and entities from the assassination of the British Resident Minister in the Middle East on November 6, 1944 by members of the terrorist Jewish Stern gang to the assassination of Count Bernadotte on September 17, 1948 by members of this same gang of fanatics.

This information is compiled from reports of the US Department of State, the British Foreign Office and various American and British press services.[/quote]

Author:  Drew J [ Tue Jun 10, 2008 1:19 am ]
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Zionist Jewish Terror

Author:  Ry [ Tue Nov 04, 2008 12:08 am ]
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Author:  Ry [ Thu Oct 07, 2010 6:42 am ]
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cut from the first page I am putting it here for now

Why is the US really in Iraq and Who brought us there?

The Defense planning and Guidance papers written by Wolfowitz and Libby which later became the core doctrine of the PNAC think tank openly states 'America's' objective.. The papers state that the US should become a global ruling power and world policeman. The goal is to knock out any military or economic rival by taking over key resources such as oil. After WWII, the US found itself in a unique position America was the new World super power and along with Russia, they were the only country to possess the nuclear bomb.

Replacing the British as the dominate power; the US took to the Middle East. British petroleum (BP) had been kicked out of Iran. In 1954, the US used the newly formed CIA to create a coup d'etat. The covert plan was called operation Ajax. The democratically elected Mohammed Mossadeq was replaced by the Shah of Iran who, in exchange for placing him in power, awarded the US with military bases in Iran and 50% of Iran's oil assets. The US was aggressively trying to topple what would become the OPEC nations which are where the majority of the world's oil is located. Because of the threat of Russia the US could not openly invade as they had in Korea (which did not turn out very well). The US had to attack the Middle East indirectly. The method they chose was by using Israel. The US completely supported the Zionist factions in Israel.

By aiding and arming the fascist state of Israel to the teeth the US insured the sale of arms to Middle Eastern nations which were paid for by selling oil. Israel would use US weapons and attack every single one of its neighbors and seize territory from Egypt, Palestine, Syria, and Lebanon. In the 1954 Israel attempted a false flag attack against Egypt called the Lavon affair. The plot was foiled. Two year later Israel would just invade anyway. And 11 years later they would start the 1967 war with a claim that Arab troops were building up on their borders, never minding the fact that Israel already illegally occupied Palestine as soon as the Egyptian troops had left. Israel launched a preemptive strike on Egypt's air force. Israel took the Golden Heights, Gaza, the West Bank and Sinai. As part of the Peace treaty the UN passed resolution 242 to return the land taken by force to Palestine, Egypt, and Lebanon in a war that Israel physically started. Israel has openly ignored this resolution and can do so because of the US.

During the 1967 war Israel would attack the US intelligence ship: the USS Liberty with unmarked planes and attempt to blame it on Egypt. The plot was foiled again but rather than admitting that they attacked a US ship in another false flag operation, the Israelis claimed that they accidentally attacked a well marked US ship for three hours in unmarked planes. How they could blame Egypt for attcking a ship they knew they attacked themselves is a mystery. LBJ the president at the time, accepted it as he and his Texas oil tycoons had overlapping interest with Israel and had planned the false flag attack together. This game was working until 1973 with the out break of the Yon Kippur War. Israel having ignored UN resolution 242 is attacked by Egypt and Syria to reclaim their stolen land. In 1979 Israel would comply with 242 but only for a year and a half. In 1981 Anwar al-Sadat the president of Egypt is assassinated and Israel rapidly increases "Settlements" (aka ethnic colonies of Zealots) into Palestine. The following Year Israel would invade Lebanon.

It was during the Yon Kippur War that Israel became the first country ever to use DU (depleted Uranium) Israel also has a history of using radiation poisoning to kill Sephardic Jews in a dubious deceptive ring-worm test where Sephardic children were purposely give high doses of radiation to kill them. Nixon and the US congress gave Israel 2.2 billion for the war that Israel had started. The OPEC nations not enjoying the belligerent Israeli neighbor decided to raise the price of oil by 130% to punish the Americans.

That worked and the 1973 war ended. Although the US controlled 50% of Iran's oil assets Israel was getting 90% of its oil from Iran through the US puppet shah. However in 1979 all that would change. Revolution came in Iran and the Shah was removed. When OPEC cut off the oil to America the US saw its weakness and utter dependence on oil. The largest threat where the largest oil reserves were located was Saudi Arabia. The US decided to use its IMF banking and loans scams that it had used to create neocolonialism in Central America on the Saudis.

The secret government, the corpotocracy which actually rules America went straight to work. Corporations came to the House of Saud offering to "modernize" Saudi Arabia and build cities out of the dessert. In exchange for overly priced contracts the US would assure that the royals in Saudi Arabia would remain in power. The Saudis sold out. Massive government contracts went out to the US corporations to build infrastructure as well as to some of the House of Saud's own such as the Bin Laden construction. A relationship formed there between the Bin Ladens and the Bush family who involved in the banking business. Everybody cashed in on this project. Buying stock in defense or construction is a for sure deal when you know that there are government contracts coming.

So private equity firms like Carlyle sprang up to invest in what Kissinger of Trireme called 'guaranteed speculation' otherwise known as insider trading. By creating this economic co-dependency the US assured that the largest block in OPEC the Sauds would never again withhold their oil. Saudi oil revenue was used to pay off the debts of the loans given to US and select royal family related Saudi companies.

The US was however about to lose control of Iran. In 1979 the people of Iran forced the Shah to take permanent vacation to Egypt never to return to Iran. The new government immediately cut off the oil flowing to Israel. The US could not invade Iran but they could begin a proxy war. So in that same year Saddam Hussein who had been exiled to Egypt for attempting to kill the new president in Iraq, was assisted by the CIA to return and create a coup.

Once in power Saddam went to war with Iran a war that lasted from 1980 to 1988 where 2 million people were killed. During that time the US sent Saddam chemical weapons which were used on both Iran and on the Kurdish population in Iraq. Also while Iraq was tied up with Iran, the Israelis preemptively bombed an Iraq nuclear facility. Iraq was not in a position to counter and Israel was selling weapons to Iran. They wanted to balance the two powers out enough to destroy one another. Iran need water which Iraq can control as the major river flow through Iraq.

Also in 1979, as a response to this war Iran captured 63 US Americans and held them hostage. In response, the US put an embargo on Iran refusing to buy oil. They could get all the oil they wanted from the Saudis. At was at this time that the Israeli Mossad sent in Marc Rich to procure oil from Iran and sell it to third parties at lucrative prices. Russia invaded Afghanistan and of course the US's good ally the Saudis were ready to fight the "atheist" communists. Russia could see the move the US was making in Pakistan. This is a whole different issue but when the British partitioned East and West Pakistan from India the US heavily armed Pakistan in order to create an arms race which was profitable to the MIC and to gain an ally to further in-circle the USSR.

In 1983 the early years of the War, with Iraq and Iran tied up and Saudi Arabia firmly in the palm of the US, the Israelis invaded Lebanon jointly with the US. But a newly formed opposition group Hezbollah made a well placed truck bomb that killed over 800 Americans. This angered the American public who could not even see why the US was even there and Reagan pulled the US out of the war however Israel still occupied southern Lebanon.

Now in the East starting from the 50 to the 70s the US was involved in The Korean War and then the Vietnam War (a huge war for profiteering) but those topics I believe have been discussed enough by many books and programs. It is the history of the Middle East which is severely lacking. The US also set up the LDP in Japan using the CIA and the Japanese Mafia. Every country in Central America dealt with either US military intervention, assassinations by the CIA and the school of the Americas, and IMF EHM scams as did Indonesia and much of the Caribbean. But to save time I am just narrowing this down to the Middle East.

In order to secure its own economy the US assured that the Saudis would sell oil in dollars. The US was using every method available to bankrupt the Soviet Union. I have written the long history of Russia and the Oligarchs already. Once Russia was removed form the picture as a military rival the US could move to the more quickly on the second stage of the plan and that was to stop any emerging economic rivals. In 1991 with the fall of the Soviet Union the US invaded Iraq based on false testimony from the daughter of an ambassador from Kuwait. During the Gulf War one may have noticed that the US was based in Saudi Arabia and Israel and the scud missiles were aimed at those two countries. Maybe now you have a better understand why.

Saddam saw what was going on. He created a (on paper) Secular Iraq, something necessary given all of its rival religious sects. He was talking about a united Arab States. When he spoke of breaking the petrol-dollar he was invaded. Saddam was the CIA's own boy so he knew their tricks. He had many body doubles and avoided assassination. He would not accept the IMF deals, and opted to use Iraq's oil revenue to benefit his own people; he also greatly pocketed his own portion for himself.

Having had his army destroyed the US figured they could offer the IMF deal again. But Saddam still said no. This is a man who during the invasion dumped his oil into the Sea and set it on fire as if to say if I can not have it no one will. So rather than getting over priced infrastructure in exchange for oil the terms of surrender for Saddam was to totally disarm all WMDs and allow US inspectors in the country, until such a time that Iraq disarmed they would be traded oil for food. You see the last targets the US military hit in the first Gulf War were water treatment facilities and everything that anything to do with agriculture. The US sanctions were so strict that Iraq would be selling its oil to buy less than enough food. Saddam had to give food out in rations. Over 500,000 thousand Iraqis died, most of them children because of the US sanctions.

During this time the US has set up a puppet in Egypt and had been paying the country off on behalf of Israel. Egypt received the second largest amount of US aid after Israel who gets more than a third of all of the US's aid. This is because the so called aid sent to Israel has special earmarks. 75% of the money (roughly 3 billion a year in direct aid) must be recycled right back into select US defense companies which these Zionist politicians invest it. Israel acts as a cash cow for the America-MIC which is hardly even American anymore considering how many of the companies and banks involved are multi-national. In 1997, however Turkey took the lead in US aid (aside from Israel which is a given). So what happened in 1997 in Turkey? Well first off Zionist in the DOD like Dougals Feith who I am going to tare to shreds in a bit, (his DOD office was the headquarters of the OSP) created investment firms in Turkey where he was the sole share holder! But that economic mess must be dealt with later. In 1997 the Turks were ethically cleansing the Kurds a large portion of whom would try to flee to Iraq. Turk killed 100 times as many Kurds as Saddam and all with the abundant aid for the US. Later when the Second Gulf War began an interesting bill would be proposed to pay for the war the reconstruction and two irrelevant aid packages worth billions which went to Israel and Turkey. Also the power of the purse was moved from congress to the DOD who in essence got a blank check which they did not disclose who all got how much and then later somehow misplaced billions… So let just skip 911 and Afghanistan for now and get to the war with Iraq.

I will show you who fabricated evidence to bring the US and UK into a war. You now know why Iraq was targeted, the US wants no emerging economic rivals and if the US has its hand on the oil tap in Iraq and Saudi Arabia they will only need to smash up Iran in order to hold a virtual monopoly and bring Europe and Japan to their knees. You can see clearly in the aftermath of the war that the US companies moved in and began tossing out no-bid contracts to companies with open business ties politicians and their spouses, to build infrastructure they had paid other defense companies which were invested in by the same people as well as Christian churches, (a huge method of money laundering) to destroy. They basically paid themselves twice, once to bomb everything (including the use of illegal weapons like MK77 and DU) and once to build it up again. The companies of course got the money long before any results. And Iraq was thrown in to an easily predictable civil war.

We will then work backwards from the Pre-War BS in Iraq to 911 the dirtiest secret of all. I have that portion already written out here. 911, Iraq, PNAC all roads lead to Israel and the Zionist moles.


The OSP's Larry Franklin was with Ledeen when they brought the Niger forgeries to Washington. Yes the same Larry Franklin who got busted spying for AIPAC. Let me remind you that the OSP under Feith's office int he DOD had been seeing Israeli generals. Israeli moles in the DOD created the pretext for the War in Iraq which other Zionists had written policy papers about and had already tried to convince Clinton to carry out while he wa sin office. After the Mossad rigged 911 they could steer the US into whatever they wanted. We have total proof that the War in Iraq was based on lies, not mistakes but conscious lies. We have absolute proof that the bulk of these lies came out of the OSP in the DOD from a bunch of Jewish guys who had dual citizenship with Israel most of whom already had rap sheets from Iran Contra, and wrote multiple policy papers and thinktank paper detailing exactly how this war has been carried out including setting up the INC with Amad Chalabi. Add to that that Israel has been caught up in two different spy rings, the art students affair as well as the AIPAC spy ring which we KNOW was using Franklin who was in the OSP which made up the lies about Iraq. Add to that the Zionist Lobbyist Abramoff bribing congress.

It was the Mossad that was busted on 911 filming the event and working for a fake moving company. Why was the Mossad surrounding Saudi Hijacker cells? They were working together obviously.
In Hollywood Florida the Mossad (fake art students) lived right next door to 4 of the said hijackers including the said ringleader Atta. Zim-American Israeli Shipping Company moved out of the WTC on April 3 of 2001 and forfeited a $50,000 lease cancellation penalty. At least two employees from Odigo and Israeli company, got warning about 911 prior to the attack.

The Washington Times the same paper an only one to report on the 1980s Boystwon Franklin cover up reported the day before 911 that the Army School of Advanced Military Studies had said of the Mossad that they were "Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target US forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act".

Sep 6th bomb sniffing dogs are removed from the towers and on Sep 9-10 security cameras are turned off in the South tower as the New York Port Authority "upgraded internet cables..." Sep 10th Atta visits the 107th floor of the South tower. We know because the FBI has credit card receipts showing he was there (or at least someone with his credit card). However the 911 commission report shows that Atta was in Boston and drove to Maine on that day. This is not the first time that Atta was in two places at once.

Remember now that miraculous claim that after 911 somehow Atta's passport (one he had reported stolen in 1999) was found close to ground zero. Apparently it fell from the plane unburned (in a fire that was supposed to weaken steel enough to collapse skyscraper) and landed on the ground for the FBI to find, also Atta apparently left a list of the 19 hijacker in his bag in a hotel room....pppssssh Riiiiiiight. I think we know who was really on the 107th floor planting a GSP guidance system, and it was not Atta, it was the Mossad. And I think we know who planted the Atta passport for the FBI to find as well as the very convenient list of the 19 hijackers (some of who turned up alive) in the hotel.

Israel is all over this from top to bottom. We are going to go to war with Iran soon because of Israel and the Israelis will re-attack Lebanon. To know more about Israel and Iraq and 911 and PNAC go here <- I highly recommend reading that link.

Something else I that must be mention is something you might be wondering. Where is all of this in the Mass media and in the school system? The Media is a corporation and an arm of the state. Please see this, to learn how the media really works. If they can cover up a 40 year long occupation of Palestine from the American public yet convince some of them that Y2K or the SARS/Bird Flu is going to kill them all then they control and cover up 911 and the history of the Middle East with ease.

So what do we do?

The solution is that supports is to elect this man

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