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 Post subject: Israel sank ship full of Jewish Refugees
 Post Posted: Sun Nov 26, 2017 3:24 am 
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77 yrs ago to the day No 25th 1940, Jewish terrorists organized by the Jewish Agency which would later become the Israeli government, sank the SS Patria. 267 people were killed and injuring 172 (including 50 British crew) . The paramilitary group Haganah (which later became the IDF) and Irgun terrorists bombed the Patria which was carrying Jewish refugees. These people had survived Hitler’s Europe, only to die at the hands of evil Zionists. Now called “the Patria disaster” it marks when was the French-built ocean liner, the 11,885-ton SS Patria, in the port of Haifa was bombed, killing 267 innocent people and injuring 172. Until it was revealed who had done the bombing the story was put out that the refugees saddened to leave had bombed it themselves. Yes the Jewish terrorists blamed the victims.

The Haganah’s role was finally publicly disclosed in 1957 when Munya Mardor, the operative who had planted the bomb, wrote an account of his activities in the Jewish underground. He recounted, “There was never any intent to cause the ship to sink. The British would have used this against the Jewish population and show it as an act of sabotage against the war effort” Some leaders of the Yishuv (the Jewish community in Palestine) argued that the loss of life had not been in vain, as Patria’s survivors had been allowed to stay in the country. Think about that, it was OK to kill a bunch of people so long as it made other people remain in the country. Note that none of these people were from Palestine in the first place, they had come there from Europe. It was so important to keep a jewish demographic that they were willing to bomb people who were leaving and them blame it on them..

At the time of the sinking, Patria was carrying about 1,800 Jewish refugees from Nazi-occupied Europe whom the British authorities were deporting from Mandatory Palestine to Mauritius because they lacked entry permits. Zionist organizations opposed the deportation, and the underground paramilitary Haganah group planted a bomb intended to disable the ship to prevent it from leaving Haifa.

The Haganah claims to have miscalculated the effects of the explosion. The bomb blew the steel frame off one full side of the ship and the ship sank in less than 16 minutes, trapping hundreds in the hold. It was so important to the Zionists to create a majority Jewish demographic in Palestine, that they were willing to attack Jewish refugees who were set to leave. Ironically it was Palestinian Abrab ships along with British who rescued the survivors. Irgun first tried unsuccessfully to plant a bomb, then Haganah planted a bomb on Nov 22 they claim, but it did not detonate, so on November 24 they smuggled in a second larger bomb and detonated it on the 25, when the ship was full of passengers.

The Haganah officer in charge of the operation was Yitzhak Sadeh (a Polish Jew who would be a founder of the IDF), authorized by Moshe Sharett (who would become the second Prime Minister of Israel), who led the Political Department of the Jewish Agency in the temporary absence of David Ben-Gurion (who would become the first prime minister of Israel), who had left for the United States on 22 September and did not return until 13 February 1941. The Jewish agency is the same group responsible for the Haavara agreement which cut a deal with the Nazis to deport Jews to Palestine. The JA is also who sent Paul Kurzberg to the US as one of the spies who was celebrating and had foreknowledge of 911. It appears they never left their terrorist roots. The Israel government is literally an outgrowth of terrorist organizations and Nazi collaborators.

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