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Author:  Ry [ Wed Apr 08, 2009 10:10 am ]
Post subject:  AIPAC trial May 27 (maybe) AIPAC info here

Why Steve Rosen is suing AIPAC

The ‘AIPAC Two’ aren’t the only ones on trial

Scott Horton Interviews Grant F. Smith

The oft-delayed trial of two former AIPAC staffers charged with passing classified information to journalists and the Israeli government is now expected to begin May 27

(but don't bet farm on that. The trial had been moved 8 times.)

Author:  Ry [ Wed Apr 08, 2009 11:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: AIPAC trial May 27 (maybe) AIPAC info here

AIPAC trial and an Update of past events
April 8, 2009
Ryan Dawson

Two AIPAC employees have been on trial for spying on the US and giving classified information to Israel. They were indicted in 2005 and so far the trail dates are numbering 9. This case threatens the most powerful foreign lobby (which is not registered as a foreign agent, even though attorney general RFK ordered that they should register but then somebody shot him) Here are the previous dates spanning now three years for when this trial SHOLD have already taken place.

April 20th 2006
May 23rd 2006
August 7th 2006
October 7th 2006
June 4th 2007
September 19th 2007
January 16th, 2008!
April 29th 2008
Now May 27 2009 (maybe)

On top of that Steve Rosen on of the two agents on trial, is suing AIPAC for 5 million dollars. Yes AIPAC itself is on trial with Rosen on June 5, 2009.

If you don't already know here is a little background on what has been going down. Steve Rosen and his fellow AIPAC employees Keith Weissman were caught taking classified information in meetings with Lawrence Franklin and employee for Douglas Feith Under Secretary of Defense for Policy who met with uncleared Israeli generals in the DoD in the run up to the war in Iraq and who created a special office called the office of special plans which cherry picked information and passed on known false information from Israel to the office of the vice president. Franklin was sentenced to 12 years in jail. Feith resigned. And Rosen is suing AIPAC. The information that Israel took pertained to Iraq and Iran's capacities to make nuclear weapons. It was essential to know what the US knew and more importantly what they did not know about Iraq in Iran in order for the Israelis to cook up cases for war.

Iraq-is-building-a-bomb was one of the prewar lies which justified a hurried invasion by stating we can't wait for the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud. To further this myth Judith Miller a New York Times employee who was romantically involved with a Mossad Lawyer and then Dick Cheney's chief of staff, Lewis Libby, reported that Iraq was gathering aluminum tubes for centrifuges in a nuclear reactor. Over lapping this story were reports of Saddam buying yellow cake Uranium (U3O8) from Niger. Miller had been used before during the 1993 world trade center bombing where she tried to blame that on Iraq (it was actually our own FBI) and the OKC bombings which she also tried to blame on Iraq. She also gathers other bogus "reports" about Iraq from the INC and spouted off that Iraq had VX gas and Anthrax.

All these lies fell apart. Iraq did not have a reactor to put aluminum tubes (which isn't even physically possible, you need graphite). The INC was made of Iraqi defectors who simply read from an OSP script on what to say and were later placed in positions of power in the New Iraqi government just as PNAC writers had called desired and pushed for long before the war. The Yellow cake claims were based on crude forgeries. In fact they didn't even forge the right person's name and instead they put down an obsolete foreign minister who had not been in the government since the 80s. And According to Italian reports Franklin again along with Israel Hawk Michael Ledeen were responsible for passing on these forged documents over to the British cell who then gave them to the OSP. Most of all Iraq did not have and WMD and they didn't have VX gas. The anthrax claim was also false but this was very interesting. You see this claim tried to connect Iraq to the 911 attack in the US.

The mythology went like this. After the 911 attack there was a follow up attack of anthrax letters. Now at that time everyone believed that the anthrax came from Al Qaeda. The letters were mailed from within the US starting on Sep 18th.

However because planes were ordered to stand down and general screw up in the mail around DC the first anthrax laced letter was not opened until much later in October. And the first media reports about the letters were also in October. However the PNAC group's Weekly Standard already had reports out saying that a lead hijacker in 911 had met with Iraqis in Prague. This report came out just 7 days after the attack, Sep 18th the same day anthrax was mailed. Later they would expand this lie and say not only did Al Qaeda meet with Iraqis but they also were given anthrax. Of course no meeting ever took place. Interestingly SOMEONE sent a letter to the Justice Department saying that a scientist in Maryland Dr. Assad was responsible for a biological weapons attack using anthrax. The problem is that who ever sent this letter on the 20th somehow knew of an anthrax attack before it happened. This may have been done to make it look like the warning must be true. However the letter didn't just warn of an attack, it reported like they knew who might have done an attack that already happened. It also reported that the writer and Assad had worked together in the past. So the huge problem is no attack had happened because none of the anthrax letters had been opened yet!

The suspect accused was not in the locations of where the letters were sent at the time they were sent or even days before or after. Furthermore the accused suspect was a man who worked with another man named Philip Zack who had actually been caught stealing anthrax from their lab in 1992 months before the first World Trade Center Truck bombing of Feb 1993. Zack was released not for stealing biological weapons but for racially motivated attacks on his co-worker. This same Co-worker Assad was now who was being blamed for an mailing anthrax by an anonymous writer who someone how knew or correctly guessed that there was going to be a biological attack on the US coincidentally using anthrax a weapon he had been busted doing illegal research with and illegally stealing from a lab he was no longer even supposed to be working for. Zack's colleague Dr. Marian Rippy still worked in the lab and let him in on late nights, all of which has been caught on film.

It makes one wonder why Zack was not at least questoined by the FBI in its long goose chase to find out who mailed anthrax.

It gets deeper. In Oct of 2001 reports came out from Zionist run News papers that at the meeting in Prague (which never happened) Iraqis passed anthrax to Atta who then must have given it to other Al Qaeda members who mailed it after 9/11. The papers sited Israeli security forces as their sources.

The London Times reporter in the UK who first made the report later died in his apartment. The New York Observer which made the reports in the US is owned by Jewish Billionaire Charles Kushner's son. Charles Kushner later went to jail after blackmailing his own sister's husband with a honey trap. Kushner hired a prostitute to sleep with his brother-in-law in a hotel where the whole act was secretly recorded. Kushner's sister pushed forward anyway and got him thrown in jail. What is interesting is that Kushner was the man who paid for an Israeli national to come to New Jersey and gave him a salary. He also gave the Governor of New Jersey money indirectly as a "consultant". It would be revealed that Governor McGreevey was infact a closet homosexual who was having sexual relations with Cipel the Israeli national who Kushner had arranged to come to the us AND WORK FOR THE GOVERNOR. This Israeli got a job as the Head of Security for the state and was allowed to inspect the nuclear facilities and land a 6 figure salary job.

One must ask the question that the FBI apparently didn't. How could Israeli security forces WITNESS a transfer of anthrax from Iraqis to Al Qaeda in a meeting in Prague when Iraq didn't have any anthrax, Atta never had a meeting in Prague, and the anthrax used in 911 didn't even come from Al Qaeda it came from within the US form the US's own labs!?

Obviously the Israelis were lying. Further more isn't it interesting that the first paper to report it was owned by the man who also set up a honey trap on the governor as well as his own family and arranged for an Israeli national to come over (out of the blue) to work for the governor and get a position in security.

Whoever sent the anthrax tried very hard to blame Al Qaeda for it. Ultimately after chasing around Steven Hatfill around for years which resulted in a 5.8 million dollar settlement, the FBI landed on its final suspect Bruce Ivins who in less than a month after being targeted, allegedly killed himself. Ivins worked at the same lab as Dr. Rippy and Dr. Zack, but he was not in the locations of the mailing.

Whoever sent anthrax someone how knew where the Al Qaeda cells were because they went down to the same locations in Florida and New Jersey and sent anthrax. If you think that Bruce Ivins drove down to Florida and then up to New Jersey and mailed anthrax and then got back to Maryland in time to show up for work in less than 18 hours, you must be crazy or you work for the FBI. There is no way Ivins could do that at least not by himself. And how would he know where to go? No, the anthrax was sent by the same people who lied about witnessing it being transferred from Iraqis to Al Qaeda.

This was a false flag attack by Israel. It would be discovered that Israel spies were also located right next to the alleged Al Qaeda cells in Florida and New Jersey. Furthermore a Mossad front company would be busted in New Jersey which was using moving vans. One such van was busted on 9/11 with traces of explosives and cheering Israelis who were filming the 911/ plane attack. Later police stopped two other vans with explosive devices, on on or near the George Washington Bridge and one at Ground Zero. Men were arrested. The reports of the truck bombs came out live and then were quickly removed from the media as fast as the steel from the towers was shipped to China.

And it gets worse. When the anthrax was mailed there were also a few anthrax hoax letters mailed. The press blamed these on copy cat attacks. There is a problem with this however. The news reports about the anthrax mailings came AFTER some of the hoax letters were post marked. Thus whoever sent the hoax letter also knew about an attack. They assumed that the Sep 18 letters would be opened sooner than they were. Guess who got anthrax hoax letters? Judith Miller of the New York Times and Fox News.

On the other side Israeli enemies in the US senate got real anthrax letters mailed to them with weapons grade materiel inside. This shows that this anthrax was made by or stolen from a state power. This could not have been cultured from a dead cow by a nerd in his basement. This anthrax had complex accelerates on it, and this too was at first blamed on Iraq.

But now we know. Iraq did not have any VX gas, anthrax, or nuclear bombs or even programs. Al Qaeda did not send the anthrax and the lies claiming all these things were based on crude forgeries piped through an Israel cabal later busted spying on the US and Israel sources who witnessed things at a meeting that never even happened. On top of it all Israel has the means, the location, the timing, and the motivations to send the anthrax and blame their enemies. They are busted in the largest spy-ring ever uncovered in the US, the head of security is an Israeli National, and there is a front company for the Israel Mossad busted on a day where at least two and maybe three vans were packed with explosives just like the 1993 bombing with Josey Hadas.

None of this hit the media. No shock there they wont even report the racial colonies that Israel builds in the West Bank instead they call then Jewish Neighborhoods that are "defended" from attackers of irrational religious extremists.

To this day there is no reporting in the MSM about the Niger forgeries or the Israeli spy rings or the AIPAC employee trial. The New York Sun which reported on the trial has now gone under. Ask yourself why is this? Other lies about the war have been reported. But why has the anthrax case, the truck bombs, the spy rings, and AIPAC case, and the Niger Forgeries, all of which are known things, not been reported by the MSM in the US?

It gets worse.

Back when AIPAC was illegally gathering Intel on what the US knew and didn't know about Iraq AND Iran's nuclear capacities, a branch of the CIA working on tracking nuclear weapons proliferation was actively trying to figure out what the truth was. In this process they uncovered something else. Employees of the American government were illegally selling arms. The Nexus of the trade went through the ATC (American Turkish Council) a lobby for the Military industrial complex which benefited greatly from the Iraq war, and is located in the gateway of the drug trade from the "liberated" poppy fields of Afghanistan to Europe. The ATC is basically a miniature AIPAC with all the same players involved. And FBI whistle blower named Sibel got wind of these dealing through translating and before she could come out with it she had a gag order slapped on her and she was threatened with jail time.

Immediately after 911, the FBI arrested a bunch of people suspected of being involved with the attacks – including four associates of key targets of FBI's counterintelligence operations. Sibel heard the targets tell Marc Grossman: 'We need to get them out of the U.S. because we can't afford for them to spill the beans.' Grossman duly facilitated their release from jail and the suspects immediately left the country without further investigation or interrogation.

"Let me repeat that for emphasis: The #3 guy at the State Dept. facilitated the immediate release of 911 suspects at the request of targets of the FBI's investigation
And I had reported a year before that this. It was jsut something I noticed by watching CSPAN and a red-flag popped into my head as they were going over the funding for the war.

The CIA's team which would have been on the trail on these illegal trades, and would have known what Iraq and Iraq really had or didn't have in regards to nuclear weapons, was ruined. Valarie Plame a clandestine CIA agent in the outfit in charge of tracking nuclear weapons, was ousted by Lewis Libby and Karl Rove. In doing this her front companies BJA was also exposed. Because of this the entire unit was compromised and a dark cloud was created over the capacities of Iraq and Iran. From that the lies about both countries building a bomb continued. It is still being claimed by hardcore Neocons about Iran. Libby went to trial and was convicted but Bush commuted his sentence.

Again no media reporting on this. Sure it was on the web. It was on and and this site and some others but by an large it was never reported and of course never connected to the larger picture.

All of this and more has been reported by Ryan Dawson's Iraq 911 PNAC all roads lead to Israel, report. And can be viewed in the Film War By Deception. Full screen version available here

The film is 3 hours. I don't claim to be a movie maker. But all of the information is in there. It's been out since 2004 on this website in an older film as well as in text. And the text was just globbed together reports from my blogs which were written as things were happening. I correctly nailed the OSP and Libby as it was made, correctly stated Iraq did not have any WMDs before the war started, correctly predicted the 7/7 bombing which resulted in my websites being deleted and that is when we started Rys2sense. I correctly stated that Ivins would become a fall guy after Hatfill won his settlement. This site knows what is up. There is absolutely no reason to dabble into goofy pointless stuff such as "Freemasons" "Illuminati" "Bavarian Death Cults" "Space creatures" "Lucifarians" etc. All of that is pointless infotainment for people to make a buck. Don't be a sucker. It's damaging because it makes us all look insane. Nothing sinks credibility like end times cultist, religious rhetoric, and science-fiction/comic book fantasies. Please be an adult.

Author:  EndAllApartheid [ Wed Apr 08, 2009 7:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: AIPAC trial May 27 (maybe) AIPAC info here

AIPAC's activities are a threat to all of our freedoms and here's how you know.

American Israelis Protecting Another Country. (20 Separate times they've been asked to register under the FARA Foreign Agent Act, and you wonder why?)

Urge and order the Department of Justice to proceed to Grand Jury trial and not make any missteps with this case.

Author:  Ry [ Thu Apr 09, 2009 10:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: AIPAC trial May 27 (maybe) AIPAC info here

RFK told them to do that then someone shot him and it was blamed on a Palestinian.

Figured I link to the film.
The last part is 4 and 5 together.

Author:  Ian [ Thu Apr 09, 2009 11:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: AIPAC trial May 27 (maybe) AIPAC info here

I love that Rosen is suing AIPAC. It's the kind of thing that makes me laugh until I cry and then not be able to stop crying when I realize it's a complete tragedy, this whole ordeal.

I'd put $50 on the trial being moved again. Maybe more, but I'm not much of a gambler..

Author:  Ed [ Thu Apr 09, 2009 11:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: AIPAC trial May 27 (maybe) AIPAC info here

thanks once again for your summary Ry, great work.

this was just put up on Antiwar Radio:

Scott Horton Interviews Grant F. Smith
April 8th, 2009

Grant F. Smith, Director of the Institute for Research: Middle East Policy, discusses Steve Rosen’s lawsuit against AIPAC, the increasing political stakes in the upcoming Rosen/Weissman espionage trial, the questionable determination of Attorney General Eric Holder and the possibility that AIPAC’s function as a foreign agent will be openly discussed.

Author:  Ry [ Thu Apr 09, 2009 12:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: AIPAC trial May 27 (maybe) AIPAC info here

Yep I saw that and added it to the first post. I also sent scott the summary.

Author:  Ry [ Sat Apr 11, 2009 8:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: AIPAC trial May 27 (maybe) AIPAC info here

I'll be making a short video rant of my post here later.

Author:  Ry [ Sun Apr 12, 2009 9:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: AIPAC trial May 27 (maybe) AIPAC info here

I'll take the bet Ian but lets make it $5 instead of $50. The reason I think Rosen will actually have a trial this may is because he put in his paper to Sue AIPAC and has them all on trial for June and they have been given sapeana as well. Rosen knows something we don't I think thus if he thinks the trial is really happening and he played his trump card then maybe it really is happening.

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