People like me (once) who are clueless
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Author:  superskip [ Mon May 29, 2006 5:35 pm ]
Post subject:  People like me (once) who are clueless

Two years ago I could not have accurately defined 'zionism', nor would have acknowledged importance of knowing about it.

Most people are still like that imo.

I've started posting on message boards of differing political slant so to speak, that have a high traffic count. Maybe wake up a few who otherwise never hear this point of view.

ie - In the News, Point Counterpoint

Craigslist - politics - politics and news - general discussion

in the appropriate subforum(s), keeping it low key non confrontational.

I'd appreciate any help keeping relevant topics bumped up

Current posts concern USS Liberty attack

Author:  Impulse [ Sat Jun 03, 2006 12:10 pm ]
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Funny how much u can change over a two year period, two years ago i actually wanted to join the military. Now im trying to stop kids from joining at my school.

Author:  Ry [ Sun Jun 04, 2006 6:59 am ]
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Two years ago I knew a lot of stuff but I was not being active enough about it. I didn't have this website and the one I used to have was deleted. I was living in the US and working for Nader.

Now I live in Japan, wrote a book about the MIC and the Media, run this website and two others and I have been making films about every 3 months exposing everything from the occupation of Palestine to the lies about Iraq.

Author:  Effendi [ Tue Jun 06, 2006 8:14 pm ]
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You guys all ROCK!!

Intelligence is defined by the ability to recognize.....

Most people deliberately deny what is so obviously the truth in front of them.

learn the truth and do what you do, present it to others like Ry does so that the Intelligent ones also are able to act upon it.


Author:  Ry [ Tue Jun 06, 2006 10:49 pm ]
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The truth is spreading.

911 was a Mossad opperation. Why did we find evidence of the hijackers when they later turned up alive? Because it was planted at the scene by the Israelis to create a false flag opperation.

Why did they live next door to Atta? Because it was not Atta. He was killed and replaced by the Mossad who took his double to a flight school. Why do you thikn Atta could not speak German when questioned in German by his instructor?

Why was Atta's passport miraculously found un burned at ground zero? Because the Mossad put it there. Why was it his 1999 dated passport which was reported stolen, that was found?

Why was Atta meeting with Jack Abarmoff on his casino ships? Was it really Atta or the Mossad agent hanging out with the super zionist and lobbiest/briber Abarmoff.

Put it together people. The Art Students were bugging offices and killed and set up their 911 patsies. They were not just monitoring them, they were together. The moving companies planted the bombs in the twin WTC buildings. And the Anthrax letter were sent with the message Death to Israel Death to America in order to unify to two against Israel's enemies. No one was on those planes on 911 that was remote control.

Our government has been hijacked by Zionist Neocons. get the real story here 911 reality It's Israel's lobby AIPAC which has been caught red handed spying on the US. It was Israel where PNAC was first written. And it was the Zionist OSP which led the charge to war on false claimes into Iraq. All Roads Lead to Israel.

see this as well its short

Author:  aucuneconnerie [ Wed Jun 07, 2006 1:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Need to correct one thing ...

It was not Atta's passport that was found on Chambers Street in NYC. Can't remember the pilot's name but it was NOT Atta.

Atta's passport was found in Boston:
"One of the main pieces of alleged proof involved the claim that the baggage of Mohamed Atta, called the ringleader of the hijackers, was discovered at the Boston airport, from which Flight 11 departed. This baggage, besides containing Atta's passport and driver's license, also contained various types of incriminating evidence, such as flight simulator manuals, videotapes about Boeing airliners, and a letter to other hijackers about preparing for the mission. But the bags also contained Atta's will." (David Griffin)

"The passport of one of the hijackers on Flight 11 was allegedly found in the rubble, having survived the fire caused by the crash into the north tower and also whatever caused everything else in this building except the steel to be pulverized.84" (David Griffin)

There's also this tidbit: ""Sept. 13, 2001. A “Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Student Identity Card” was found in the rubble at the Pentagon with Moqed’s name on it. Forensic examination indicated that it may have been fraudulent. United States Secret Service Forensic Services report for the FBI PENTTBOM investigation regarding the physical examination of forensic science research request, Oct. 10, 2001." - 9/11 Commission: Monograph on 9/11 and Terrorist Travel, Chp 2 (PDF)"

Author:  ect [ Wed Jun 07, 2006 3:29 pm ]
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The Atta passport rumor seems to have originated from the Guardian.

Perhaps Kerik needs to come clean on how he supposedly obtained this.

"In less than a week came another find, two blocks away from the twin towers, in the shape of Atta's passport. We had all seen the blizzard of paper rain down from the towers, but the idea that Atta's passport had escaped from that inferno unsinged would have tested the credulity of the staunchest supporter of the FBI's crackdown on terrorism." Uncle Sam's lucky finds/ Guardian Tuesday March 19, 2002

(Crash-Proof Passport)

Author:  ImpeachTheChimp [ Wed Jun 07, 2006 4:56 pm ]
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As an ex-Army Infantry soldier most of my early life was seen through a glazed set of psuedo-patriotic blinders. For a long time I bought into what they were selling. That the US was a fundamentally good nation of the people-- for the people and all that other nonsense that they drill into your head from day one.

I was virtually clueless about this whole sordid state of affairs until last year as if almost by chance I stumbled upon the Loose Change doc in a movie forum of all places! Upon viewing it for the first time I was numbed to the core. But gradually as I began to do more and more research it was as though I had stumbled through the looking glass. As a result I began seeing everything much differently and likewise became overtly cynical towards everything that the MSM presented.

Since that time I have changed many aspects of life. I don't watch the news anymore since it is full of blatant distractions, lies and coverups of lies. The first step is to turn off the idiot box.

Author:  aucuneconnerie [ Wed Jun 07, 2006 5:43 pm ]
Post subject:  ImpeachTheChimp ...

If you really want to get your socks rocked, use any of the online used bookstores (amazon, abebooks, alibris) to find Victor Ostrovsky's books. Read them in the order written. He wrote two novels at the end to cover stuff he couldn't put in the first two.

As a US soldier you will be intimately familiar with the events he discusses; if not, because of age, at least the history of them. I was speechless for about a week.

Unlike you I was involved in the reporting of these events, and Ostrovsky's books filled in the global dimension that I failed to see, but could nonetheless see in the consequences right under my nose.

We slept through the 90s, and we're paying for it bigtime now. You may come to see what I have only in the past three years: that the Clinton Chronicles and the OJ spectacle, to name a few, were carefully carefully engineered public dramas laid out in tandem and in parallel with such engineered non-events as the Atlanta bombing (led to FAA profiles), TWA 800 (led to heightened airport security) and the OK bombing (introduced arabs initially as the culprits), all designed to have the public see these events as a fact of life, rather than extraordinary and out of place.

Anyway ... find the books.

excuse all typos...did not reread.

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