Fuck Christopher Columbus
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Author:  Ry [ Mon Oct 13, 2008 1:29 am ]
Post subject:  Fuck Christopher Columbus


Canary Effect

"...The Religious Crimes Act, the Daws Act, on up through a hundred years of broken treaties to The Family Planning Act of 1973 with George Bush Sr. which intentionally sterolized young women to today with the Abramoff scandal swindling millions, the Nuclear waste dumped on Reservations, and the missing Trust fund money which is the largest class action law suit in history... This is not anceint history or bitching about the past. The crimes have not stopped. Native American issues are alive and well. The average life spand for an adult male Indian in the US (not Canada) is 44! It's a microcosim of the Colonial neocolonial attitude and policy at large. From the Caribean to Indonesia to Africa to Columbia. Imperialism has merely morphed into currency devaluation, intentional starvation, and sweat shops. And in the case of Iraq and Palestine it's still being done with a gun. The Creature of masive death, rape, and theft never left us, it mearly changed it's methods (slightly) but not it's policy.
The Canary coming out of the mione is just a symptom of a larger problem. We are all Indians now.

The rationalization of the colonist/settler is that of a rapist. They blame the victim for "wanting it" or "needing it" and for themselves it was a good thing they did it. You can't have occupation without genocide. Occupation is genocide. Depleted Uranium (uranium dug up by coherced labor on Indian reservations) dropped on the Middle East is genocide. Globalization is genocide. " -Ry Dawson

Kill colonialism save the man.

Cultural Genocide
Who in the senate heads the BIA? John McCain.

Boarding School abuse

Song by Corporate Avenger


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Ryan Dawson with Mike Rivero What Really Happened Radio Friday March 7, 2008 Lakota independence and Native American issues.

Hidden History of Columbus

Author:  Apricot [ Mon Oct 13, 2008 2:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fuck Chrostopher Columbus


Author:  Ry [ Mon Oct 13, 2008 4:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fuck Chrostopher Columbus

Michael Berliner of the Ayn Rand Institute said Western civilization brought “reason, science, self-reliance, individualism, ambition, and productive achievement” to a people who were based in “primitivism, mysticism, and collectivism”, and to a land that was “sparsely inhabited, unused, and underdeveloped

Reason HA HA Europe was the most backward religious theocracy on earth with 90% of the population living as Serfs. Self-reliance and individualism?! Lol The Native Americans had WAY more of both and were it not for them the colonists would have starved to death. As Ben Franklin pointed out the white often fled to go live with Indians but it never happened the other way around. ambition? To what? Kill millions of people. Science? Like not having geocentric navigation? Knowing to bathe to prevent illness. Things like that. productive achievement, Native Americans had longer life spans, healthier bodies, and a happier life.

Primitive lol No one was more primitive or savage than the Europeans. They had public punishment and torture as a form of entertainment. Mysticism. Christianity is Mysticism. Collectivism. Motherfucker Europe still lived under the divine right of Kings and 90% of the population slaved to prop up an elitist war state which at the time was getting its ass kicked by Muslims. "sparsely inhabited, unused, and underdeveloped" Oh right so 11 million killed in the Caribbean alone is sparsely inhabited and unused. Underdeveloped? Why because each hill was not walled up and protected with cannons, the leaders did not have to live in armed fortresses with hundreds of guards 24/7, there were no jails or taxes and all people could live on their own land for free just like nobles in Europe. Unlike England they didn't cut down all their trees and get forced to import wood, and they didn't ruin their rivers by dumping their waste into them.

One thing allowed European conquest and that was small pox.

Author:  juice [ Mon Oct 13, 2008 4:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fuck Chrostopher Columbus

Public school - music teacher made us put on a play in 5th grade all about Christopher Columbus, his holiness. Concurrently the history lessons were all about the great Conquistadors and Exploiters, ahem, Explorers. Well I thought that was shit. I engaged in academic disobedience. Got my first non-A in any subjects. History and Music. Those dumb bitches. "Gifted" students get an extra heavy dose of brainwashing, apparently.

The same year we had to put on another play about one world, earth day, all the people unite for environmentalism save the planet bullshit. I conserve, I recycle, I re-use my grocery bags, but fuck that agenda. They made us sing hymns and praises like those Obama kids in that one video floating about(not the military Obama Youth, a different one). My parents were pissed when I was up on stage, silent protest refusing to participate. I just stared at the audience. lol. I explained it to them though, they were with me after some yelling and tears.

Next year we got a history textbook that was total trash. a masterpiece of bs. it really was well put together though. the semester after that it was homeschool time. hahaha

It starts in public school for many people. You get a free day off, why ask questions?

Author:  Ry [ Mon Oct 13, 2008 4:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fuck Chrostopher Columbus

Hey juice re-post a copy of that in the education section I want to start another thread with everybody's horror stories from public school.

Author:  Sensi Dave [ Mon Oct 13, 2008 5:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fuck Chrostopher Columbus

At the website Wake Up From Your Slumber today there was posted a 1926 article actually from B'nai B'rith about Columbus' little known Jewish heritage. I was skeptical about this claim but here it is confirmed:

Source: Jewish Reference Book: B'nai B'rith Manual
Edited by Samuel S. Cohon
Cincinnati, Ohio

pp. 248-250


The Jewish Role in the Discovery of America — While many Jews are recent immigrants, the Jew is no new arrival in this country. In point of length of residence and of service, he is the equal of any white man on this continent. That he played an important role in the discovery of America is a matter of history.

In recent years, the conviction has grown in the minds of scholars that Columbus' blood was partly Jewish. His mother, so it is alleged, came of a well-known Jewish family — the Ponte Rossi. And "Collom," which is the real name of Columbus, was that of an Italian Jewish family. As it was not safe in those days, in Spain, to be known as Jew, he called himself a "Genoese navigator." Though his origin is still a mooted question, it is pretty certain that he associated with Jews and was the recipient of their aid in his great work. When he failed to induce Ferdinand and Isabella to assist him in his undertaking, he turned to the Marrano, Louis de Santangel, the chan-celor of Aragon, for assistance. Together with his relative, Gabriel Sanchez, the royal treasurer, and his friend, Juan Cabrero, the royal chamberlain, also of Jewish blood, Santangel entered energetically into the plans of Columbus. He showed the queen the advantages to the crown and'to Spain of the discovery of a short route to India; the immortal fame and the limitless wealth that would be theirs.

Inspired by this glamor, the queen consented to pawn her jewels in order to raise sufficient funds for the expedition but she did not have to go that far. Santangel modestly requested to be permitted to advance the needed money out of his private treasury and accordingly advanced, without interest, 1,700 ducats (which is equivalent to $160,000 in our money). In view of these facts, Prof. Herbert B. Adams appropriately coined the fine epigram: "Not Jewels, but Jews were the real financial basis for the first expedition of Columbus."

Santangel's zeal was prompted, not only by his high-mindedness, but also by his Jewish loyalty. Two of his uncles were burnt by the Inquisition because of their Judaism and he himself, as may be well imagined, suffered greatly because of the mask of Catholicism which he was forced to wear. The condition of the Jews of Spain was near-ing its highest point of misery. Ferdinand and Isabella were preparing to expel all the Jews from their provinces. On August 2, 1492, about 300,000 Jews who refused to become Christians left Spain; and on the following day, Columbus, with the aid of Santangel, set sail in search of what turned out to be a haven of rest for the wandering Jews as for all the persecuted.

Columbus took with him the astronomical charts and instruments prepared by Abraham Zacuto, a Jewish professor at Salamanka. These were of incalculable service to the navigator and, on one occasion, saved the lives of the whole company. At least five members of the expedition, including the surgeon, Marco, the ship's doctor, Bernal, and the interpreter, Louis Torres, were Jews. Torres was the first European to tread on American soil and also the first to discover the use of tobacco. He won the good-will of a Cuban chief and received from him large grants of land and many slaves as presents. Columbus' recognition of his indebtedness to the Jews is shown also by the fact that the first detailed account of his discoveries was addressed to his Jewish patron, Louis de Santangel, and a similar letter was sent to Gabriel Sanchez.

Columbus' second expedition (1493) was again financed by Jewish funds. This time the money came not from the pocket of a rich Jewish patron, but out of the funds realized from the sale of the confiscated possessions of the Jews that were expelled from Spain.

Author:  cdwitmer [ Mon Oct 13, 2008 6:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fuck Chrostopher Columbus

Speaking of religious zealots, I can see they are out in force today to bash Christopher Columbus and his Christian faith as the very essence of evil. First off, there is no denying that a great deal of inhumanity, injustice, cruelty and barbarism have been perpetrated by ostensibly Christian outsiders against indigenous peoples around the world over the centuries, even continuing down to the present day. So I'll acknowledge the obvious and get that out of the way. But how about putting all that in a proper, balanced perspective? Nobody is served by loading up the figure of Columbus with all of the academic heresies of the modern day -- Eurocentrism, imperialism, elitism, etc. -- and the weighing upon him of the collective sins of America. Neither is anyone served by portraying the Native American as the mythical "noble savage" -- an uncorrupted race of humanity -- and presenting pre-Columbian America as a virtuous Eden of ecological harmony and peace. The fact of the matter is, discovery of the Western hemisphere by the Spanish was an event for which we should all be grateful.

The European settlement of the New World should be compared with other similar events in history -- the Huns, the rise of Islam, the Norman Conquest of England, and even the American Indian tradition of raiding, conquering and depopulating the tribes of neighboring lands. In that context, the Europeans as a whole do not stand out as particularly evil. And, notably, it must be kept in mind that to the extent the Europeans were evil, it was not because of their Christian faith, but rather because of their LACK of it, or their DISOBEDIENCE to the teachings of Christ. In no way can evil be attrbuted to the teachings of Christ Himself.

Native American culture was not a monolith, but at its worst -- as seen in the mass human sacrifices of the great totalitarian Indian empires -- it was indeed evil, and, unlike the case of the Europeans, that evil had to have been rooted in their religions because the human sacrifices were part and parcel of their religion. Was the elimination of all that evil an evil thing?

Much more could be said, but it is not my intention to get into a shooting match with my fellow anti-Neocons over this topic . . . but some more balanced handling of this topic would be good to see.

Author:  Ry [ Mon Oct 13, 2008 8:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fuck Chrostopher Columbus

Columbus was not Jewish he was a Christian and a hardcore one. His mother was married into the Knights of Malta you can't be any more Catholic than that. And He sailed with the Malta cross on his ships he brought bibles, and named the fucking Island San Salvador "Our Savior" after Jesus Christ. He would sacrifice people 13 at at time for the 12 apostles and the savior. He read a proclamation from the fucking Pope. Columbus was a hardcore Christian.

B'Nai Brith is a fucking liar, moron, and a racist Zionist. He just wants to say "Jews" discovered America. Columbus didn't even discover America either.

Author:  Chow Chee Bai Superbitch [ Mon Oct 13, 2008 10:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fuck Chrostopher Columbus

Thanx for keepin it real Ry, year after year.

I was gonna just add that the conditioning to believe that Columbus is a hero starts at an early age for everyone, but thats already been established.. It needs to end though.

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