Is the FBI stuck? How can they worm out now?
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Author:  Ry [ Thu Aug 07, 2008 2:37 pm ]
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:| absolutely no shock here.

Author:  EndAllApartheid [ Fri Aug 08, 2008 12:00 am ]
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While the F.B.I didn't want to close the case, Zionist blackmail from the usual suspects including Michael Mukasey, Charlie Black forced the case to be closed and for everyone to blame the catholic man.

This is a deliberate chess move by the Zionist cabal to make it appear that the Ed Lake commentary on the Anthrax Attacks is the ONLY correct commentary.

Very strange as Ed Lake has been published in the mainstream news, and insists that Bruce Ivins and Phillip Zack are Catholics, completely ommitting the fact they come from Israel.

This is NOT to minimize its importance, but indeed illustrate that Ed Lake and Michael Mukasey are in on the same scheme to delete the references to Israel-- a VERY deliberate fact!

However, despite this it is extremely important to recognize these cowboy wearing booted thugs, MIC gangsters and protestants are without any doubt CHRISTAIN Zionists and are with proof positive the most racist people on the planet.

They also all belong in that terrorist state, called Israel, to be dragged there by their hair!!!!!!!!

BUT, we can not conveniently set aside ALL OF THE FACTS......and delete the reference to Israel from the Anthrax attacks as the FBI should not be blaming an innocent catholic/methodist man.

Who they should be taking to prison, IS DOCTOR PHILLIP ZACK the ZIONIST, from the State of Israel, along with his Zionist friends, especially the mass murdering Thomas Ridge: PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is without doubt, a criminal cover up. Ed Lake is a Zionist cunt. :x :x :x

Author:  EndAllApartheid [ Sun Aug 10, 2008 12:34 am ]
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Update: Grand Jury is still investigating case is wide open. Phillip Zack just fled to Israel in fear of prosecution(surprised?) and at the least we may see a new A.G. out of this sorry state of affairs.

(P.S: Someone ought to do a flow chart on Doctor Zack, the Anthrax, Douglas Feith's office of special plans and Charlie Black plus Richard Perle.. Perle and Charlie Black had major holdings in media stock on 9-11, and are guilty of huge insider trading at the very least. Conrad Black who's not related, owns most of Hollinger International that Perle sat on as a Board of Director. Mukasey deliberately sealed the files that implicate Richard Perle in the 9-11 insider trading and massive corporate fraud. They were tied to BioPort which is who made all the anthrax vaccines that poisoned our troops and conveniently profited in the millions of dollars off those same vaccines. Karl Rove had hand written memos regarding the BioPort anthrax and said it could present a political problem. Who sat in charge of BioPort was none other than William Cohen, arch fundamentalist zionist and he made over 100 million dollars off the Anthrax scare at BioPort's military industrial complex. Who is William Cohen's friend, that would be Douglas Feith, who is the same zionist that deliberately forged the memorandums implicating soddom hussein and Iraq for the Anthrax attacks. And who covered up and sealed the case as well as the anthrax mailers tied to 9-11, Zionist black robed judge Michael Mukasey. The same judge who tried to give Karl Rove diplomatic immunity and just allowed Phillip Zack to flee the USA to go back to Israel. Do a flowchart tying these guys all together, it would go over perfect. William Cohen was a good friend of Dick Cheney whom is the christain zionist that basically orchestrated the 9-11 attacks. Then Cheney and his co-horts forged/passed around letterheads that would blame all the Anthrax mailings on ZYKLON-B, which is an enormous nerve agent that supposedly comes from Iraq and sometimes Saudi too. So before 9-11 even happened the zionists were tying the Anthrax to Iraq & Iran to the benefit of Israel.)

Author:  Ry [ Sun Aug 10, 2008 9:55 am ]
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Fbi "Evidence" against Irvin is pathedic

I see Justin agrees with me that Ivins is a patsy. and Glen Greenwald ... index.html knew it was a domestic attack the whole time.

I just kind of roll my eyes. Well we found anthrax in New Jersey as well as Truck bombs heading for the bridges. People just forgot about it. and after the live coverage it was never brought up again. Then the few reports on the spy rings (which were related) were yanked from airing and expunged from their websites. All part of the Israel's who simply got released. Its got to be the biggest story's of 2001 to simply just disappear. But then again when does Israel EVER get in trouble for ANYTHING it does. They can build an apartheid wall that is NOT EVEN ON THEIR BORDER right out in the open, (talk about huge physical evidence) and demolish homes and then set up racial colonies of "the chosen people" which they call settlements with their security fence, and NOTHING is said about it in the US media.

That is why they don't have a real anthrax suspect and why they wont investigate the most probable people. If it leads back to Israel then leave it alone that's the rule.

Author:  Ry [ Sun Aug 10, 2008 11:08 am ]
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I wrote to Justin

Anthrax "suicide" was predicted. Just before going on the Scott Horton Show I wrote this. check the date.

Breakfast with their mothers is a reference to Palfry (The DC Madam) who was also "suicided" after having breakfast with her mom.

This looks to me like an Israeli operation and that is why the FBI wont go near Philip Zack, Rip, or Mega. The way the administration quickly connected the anthrax attack to Al Qaeda and then to Iraq with the lies about mobile weapons labs and then the infamous speech to the UN (originally written by Libby a lawyer for the Mossad's Marc Rich) makes me think part of the US was in on it. It wall all part of steering the 911 frenzy toward Iraq. Just days after the anthrax Cheney said his lie about Iraqis meeting with Al Qaeda. The London Times quoting Israeli sources even said they were seen getting Anthrax from the Iraqis. Now we know this meeting never took place but in hindsight doesn't it look, smell and taste like a set up.

This was an intelligence operation. Even the letter blaming Assaad is suspect. Would Zack be THAT stupid? Or would they try to create a fall guy to shut him up. He did know who all all (including himself) had been doing after hours illegal work on the anthrax and sneaking out samples and information for the Israelis.

The other option is he was that stupid but knew they would not go after him but would try hard to nail Assaad. With that failure all the same camel club people and their writer Ed Lake, went after Hatfill. No evidence ever needed. But everywhere Hatfill went the hoax anthrax letters seemed to follow. They were trying to set him up. And guess who claimed she got one of the fake letters? Judith Miller. I trust her about as much as a crocodile babysitter. I know you know all about her. And she was also very close to Libby...

Author:  Ry [ Mon Aug 11, 2008 7:42 pm ]
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Nah it was just bombs in the vans parked by the bridge, completely a normal thing. There were 3 other vans with bombs. I just sent you the one clip from CBS with Dan Rathers talking the police finding a van with bombs. It was a truck bomb not just a van with bombs in it. that was reported in the Jerusalem Post as well on Sep 12th I have a screen shot of it if you want it. Image. There were other reports all of which fell off the radar by the time of the first anthrax letter. Do you think that was just a big coincidence that on the day of 911 there is a van with bombs found and then another van full of guys from Israel which was also busted, which according to the bomb sniffing dogs also had traces of explosives and those guys were celebrating the attacks and taking pictures of it.

But a caller says there were what looked like Palestinians heading toward the bridge. All these guys fail lie detector test (yes I know you cant use those in court but they are accurate [especially when you test 5 people] that's why we have them) But you've got 5 men who were busted filming the attacks before they happened. That was reported by the New York Times and Fox News. Last paragraph,2933,34250,00.html They didn't know yet that they were Israelis.

NBC reports how an anonymous caller said to shut down the Holland Tunnel and that Palestinians were going to blow it up with a van where they were mixing explosives.

Dispatcher: Jersey City police.
Caller: Yes, we have a white van, 2 or 3 guys in there, they look like Palestinians and going around a building.
Caller: There's a minivan heading toward the Holland tunnel, I see the guy by Newark Airport mixing some junk and he has those sheikh uniform.
Dispatcher: He has what?
Caller: He's dressed like an Arab.

A van is actually caught near another bridge with explosives.
So we get Israelis picked up on route 3 going ot the Lincoln Tunnel
We get a Van (mystery report as to who it was) picked up with bombs by the Washington Bridge
And a caller framing Palestinians yet no white vans, at the only other crossing the Holland Tunnel.

Police were smart after the call and just closed all three cross overs and caught the Israelis. My guess would be twice considering that if the van bomb had been anyone else it would have been front page news.

Then the van the Israelis were using gets traced back to Urban Moving Systems a front for the Mossad, who claimed to have been monitoring hijackers lol. Dominick Suter the head of Urban Moving Systems fled back to Israel he was on the FBI's top suspect list with Atta as possibly being behind the attacks.

Then the FBI busts a major spy ring with over 200 Israelis in the US prior to 911. They live right next to hijackers, etc. Then there is the anthrax thing which you asked me about. I'm going to get to that. How do I know that Zack was a Zionist? Well we both know he was a racist to arabs. The entire camel club was. You dont put a blow up camel with a dildo in a coworker's locker and a 9 page utterly racist poem just for fun. And it was not just Assaad it was all the Arab workers. Assaad is just the easiest to document because he took it to court and the poem for example became evidence Assaad is also more important because whoever sent the anthrax also sent a letter to the Justice Department trying to frame Assaad.

The letter with the anthrax the good shit sent to the senators blamed al qaeda or in the very least made it seem like an attack on America and Israel by Muslims. That would be furthering Israel's cause and hurting Israel's enemies. Which right now is the Zionist agenda. The two senators sent the letters were Dash and Ley and the former against the first gulf war the latter against aid to Israel. Ya can't look at the anthrax attack alone in a bubble though you have to put it into context with how that was used to pass the patriot act the speech to the UN the mobile labs and yes even the meeting in Prague where Israeli intel told the London Times that Iraqis were seen giving anthrax to Al Qaeda.
"Mr. Al-Ani gave a vial of anthrax to Mohammed Atta which was used in the anthrax attacks of the fall 2001"
London Times October 27th 2001. I can dig that up too if you want. t was also peddled in the obviously Neocon Weekly Standard about 5 times.

The fake or hoax anthrax letters come next the first of which was also mailed BEFORE there was public reporting about the anthrax so they were not copy cat letters. One of them is sent lol to Judith Miller who of course goes ape shit blaming Iraq and then the tubes myth the mobile labs myth which was used in Powel's speech etc etc.

Here is the kicker. The same ass holes like Miller who tried to blame the 1993 bombing on Iraq did the same here with the anthrax and fake al qaeda connection then tried to frame Steven Hatfill. The same camel club fucks put the blame on this guy and the fake anthrax letters just so happened to be mailed form where ever this guy was visiting including even Kansas. So somebody knew this shit the fakes were the same as the person(s) who sent the real shit as well as the person(s) who first tried to blame Assaad. They knew it would get traced back to there lab and they knew there were missing specimen. There was a short list of people to blame it on. But none of the set ups worked. Because there was no evidence just the circumstantial stuff which wasn't circumstantial at all because it was being planned.

Just wait for my movie dude. I'm going to get all into it. And I did predict Ivins getting killed and its not like I say someone is going to die everyday. I think its the only person I named him and Andrei Kozlov who also died he was shot outside his bank in Russia. That was pretty obvious though I mean he was trying to clean up central banking. And lol you just can't do that. Our own is pretty fucked up but Russia wow. Bruce Ivins being blamed for everything now that he is dead just makes no sense. He was the guy who lead the FBI to his own lab from the start and what was all this death to Israel and America stuff and the pre-written Patriot Act and creation of the DHS? The propaganda set up to link it all to Iraq the meeteing the mobile labs etc this wasn't just some guy trying to make a profit. This was an intelligence operation.

Ill have a film out as soon as possible. This bullshit with my computer really sucks. The mic doesn't work on the old cpu I swapped my hard drive into and MS word no longer works either until I get a new CD for it. It's been a kick in the balls.

It's gonna be called War by Way of Deception and ignore the crap people have already out with the same title. The film is not out yet and people are just trying to get hits for their page or whatever and the thing that is out now is not mine it just has some of my voice on it taken from radio shows.

oh by the way now that I am in the US maybe I can call in to the Alex Jones show and embarrass the shit out of him. that is the kind of kook who has most killed legit research. I mean at the very least Greenwald and Raimondo and other would agree that lets say Philip Zack is a real person of interest and the lack of an investigation into that is almost telling all by itself.

Author:  Sensi Dave [ Mon Aug 11, 2008 9:36 pm ]
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Ry wrote:
oh by the way now that I am in the US maybe I can call in to the Alex Jones show and embarrass the shit out of him. that is the kind of kook who has most killed legit research. I mean at the very least Greenwald and Raimondo and other would agree that lets say Philip Zack is a real person of interest and the lack of an investigation into that is almost telling all by itself.

What are you talking about? Are you saying that Alex Jones disagrees with you about Zack being responsible? Watch this video where he's interviewed by a fill-in for neocon John Gibson on about it, he agrees that it's Zack & told millions of listeners to this asshole's sydnicated radio show about it.

Author:  anti-premillennialist [ Wed Aug 13, 2008 1:58 pm ]
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I'm really surprised that Alex Jones actually talked about Zionism and Zach. Thanks for sharing that video man. It's interesting to me that Alex Jones actually agrees with anti-neocons on the majority of indisputable facts regarding the anthrax case. And I'll be really interested to see the new film he's working on about Israel.

Author:  Ry [ Wed Aug 13, 2008 2:43 pm ]
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my letter to Horton

no man the proof that he is pro Israel and anti-Arab is not just him "picking" on Arabs. His racial antics were perfectly clear. The organized a club to get rid of the Arabs. His "jokes" and the things he wrote and said were very Zionist. The man was openly racist and anti-muslim. Now he could be just a regular Christian bigot 1% are not pro-Israel. But when the attrack letters implicate Assaad and say death to america and Israel and tried to blame Al Qaeda, that's a zionist thing to do. It furthers Israel's ends and frames its enemies. I decided he is part of the Anthrax attack because he is not being investigated despite

* being caught stealing anthrax form the lab
* being fired from the lab for his attacks on Assaad and others
* a letter sent by the anthrax attacker implicating Assaad
* being busted working after hours on anthrax when he was supposed to have been fired
* creating and ringleading an anti-arab group to force doctors to leave
* The anthrax is traced back to his lab
* The Anthrax hoax letters follow around Hatfill and Demonize enemies of Israel (the remaining camel club members all point at Hatfill) How would they know the hoax letters would follow him? Unless they were working together with whoever sent it. And whoever sent it was a State the last letter surpassed all known weapons grade anthrax.
* The Anthrax is connected to Iraq by claiming they passed to Al Qaeda (via Israeli intel) seems to be part of a pre-package to war. Because this was a fabrication within a fabrication. There wasn't even a meeting.
* A Hoax letter is sent to Miller who also helped lie about the mobile labs which then connect tot he anthrax case that Colin makes to the UN. The media also uniformly shows there cartoons of mobile labs. At the head of that was Wolf Blitzer a former employee of AIPAC.
* the senators mostly likely to oppose are attacked and a pre-written Patriot Act is rammed through also by very pro-Israel politicians such as Lieberman.
* Son of a Rabbi and Founder of the ADL Michael Chertoff gets picked to quickly head up the DHS who quickly releases the Israeli spies and truck bombers. The truck bombers are not even identified. The 16 Hard drives taken from Urban Moving Systems are "CLASSIFIED" and the FBI is out there is space suits collecting evidence. Why? Because of Anthrax.
* all the reports on urban moving systems are kept or removed from the Mass Media.
* all reports on the truck bombs are removed form the media aside from the live feed that got out. And this should have been Major News. think about. And most people you talk to today will say what car bomb? There was no car bomb. When they see that footage or read it they can't believe it. Unless they are already aware that the MSM is an arm of the pentagon. lol the pentagon put a general on every channel during the war to keep them in check.
* (later Rathers who made the report steps down)
* all reports on the dancing Israelis with traces of explosives, highlighted maps, membership in the Mossad, 4,700 dollars stuffed in a sock, failed lie detector tests, and setting up film before the attack happened like they had ESP, are kept as far away from the media as possible. The Israeli media reported on it more than the US.
* all reports on the spy ring of Israelis are kept from or removed from the mass Media.
* all the people involved in the investigation wont talk and say everything is classified.
* ;) I basically forced it out of General Zinni when he taught at William & Mary that every knew Israel was involved in this, and no one would say it. He later went and said that.

And yeh the guys caught celebrating were separate from the van caught with bombs. I think I explained how they tried to set up Palestinians but then got caught when the police closed all the crossings and the Israelis were arrogant enough to take pictures and celebrate the attack. Plus the New York Times at least reports that the film started BEFORE an attack took place meaning that they knew ahead of time.

They knew because they were in on it. That is why they train at these holy roller tiny flight schools which were caught smuggling drugs and equipment to Africa for Pat Robertson's diamond minds. Why Israel lived next door to the hijackers, why there were so many double or misunderstood identities of the hijackers by the FBI (because of stolen passports). Why we get this ridiculous shit like finding a hijackers passport at ground zero just slightly charred. A "bystander" pointed that out to FBI by the way. AKA planted it.

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