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 Post subject: Battle tactics in Iraq
 Post Posted: Thu May 01, 2008 1:07 am 
Super Anti-Neocon
Super Anti-Neocon
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Two facts from Paul Craig Rpoberts

Fact #1: Sadr is not allied with Iran. He speaks with an Iraqi voice and has his militia under orders to stand down from conflict. The Badr militia is the Shi'ite militia that is allied with Iran. Why did the U.S. and its Iraqi puppet Maliki attack Sadr's militia and not the Badr militia or the breakaway elements of Sadr's militia that allegedly now operate as gangs?

Fact #2: The Shi'ite militias and the Sunni insurgents are armed with weapons available from the unsecured weapon stockpiles of Saddam Hussein's army. If Iran were arming Iraqis, the Iraqi insurgents and militias would have armor-piercing rocket-propelled grenades and surface-to-air missiles. These two weapons would neutralize the U.S. advantage by enabling Iraqis to destroy U.S. helicopter gunships, aircraft, and tanks. The Iraqis cannot mass their forces as they have no weapons against U.S. air power. To destroy U.S. tanks, Iraqis have to guess the roads U.S. vehicles will travel and bury bombs constructed from artillery shells. The inability to directly attack armor and to defend against air attack denies offensive capability to Iraqis

If the Iranians desired to arm Iraqis, they obviously would provide these two weapons that would change the course of the war

Three questions present themselves:

(1) Will our foreign creditors – principally China, Japan, and Saudi Arabia – finance a third monstrous Bush regime war crime?

(2) Will Iran sit on its hands and wait on the American bombs to fall?

(3) Will Russia and China passively wait to be confronted by the warmonger McCain?

Now this is me talking.
(1) No and the first one out of that loop will be Japan or China, however China is tied to this coiming Olympics. HOwever After the 90 cent gas hike over night vreated by Fukuda's party in Japan their days are numbered they are gone next election and they know it and along with that will be crediting the US.

(2) Probably yes because the dumbest thing for Iran would be to lose the moral high ground. If they are smart they have sleepers in the US and Israel ready to strike military targets. Also if they are smart the first target int he hot war will be the oil feilds inSaudi Arabia.

(3)China is going to probably move. Russia will move if China moves but not solo. Putin did say an attack on Iran or Syria would be like an attack on Russia. Together with Iran, Russia has a chance at really fucking up the US. But more likely they will do it by proxy by providing all the necessary goods to Syria and Iran who can focus on hitting Israel. If Israel starts to fall they will quickly have either a cease fire or start using nukes. If they Nuke Iran I hope to all the gods past and present that Russia nukes Israel a thousand times.

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 Post Posted: Thu May 01, 2008 8:26 am 
Speaking out
Speaking out

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Isn't Sadr in Iran now? I thought he fled there several months ago.

Iran has denied arming the militias. Why would it provide weapons that could easily be traced back to Iran if it did not want to attract attention from the US for doing so? Ahmadinejihad is not stupid. Providing those weapons would provide undeniable evidence that Iran is meddling in Iraq and at the very least some of the pointing fingers would shift from the US to Iran. Justification in the eyes of the neocons for action against Iran. Iran doesn't want that.

1. No
2. Yes
3. The US will not threaten Russia or China with military action.

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