Four strange deaths UPDTAED!
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Author:  Ry [ Mon Dec 10, 2007 3:39 am ]
Post subject:  Four strange deaths UPDTAED!

UPDATE make it 5 strange deaths.

In light of Jeffery Picower being murdered I should say 5 strange deaths. This was another victim left in the bottom of a pool. Might it be the killers trade mark?

Seth Tobias, Oleg Zhukovsky , and Jeffery Picower were all murdered and all found dead in the bottom of their pools. It's highly plausible that each one was involved in or knew of this massive financial scandal. We'll never know now. The most recent mysterious death of Picower, could be shielding any more light into how big the Madoff scandal was

Another filing from trustee of the Madoff assets, Picard, earlier this month revealed what appeared to be undisputed evidence that Picower must have known what was going on. In this instance, Picower had written a $125 million dollar check to Madoff, and after only two weeks this sum earned almost $40 million in supposed “investment” dividends. Well, as everyone knows now, there were no investment dividends, but just dividends from stolen investor monies. Ironically, or conveniently, Picower drowns mysteriously in his swimming pool 3 weeks after the gig is apparently up.

First it was two then three and now four. (now 5)

Andrei Kozlov, Seth Tobias and Paul Gillmore and now Oleg Zhukovsky

When I read the news from about Oleg Zhukovsky being found dead in a pool it reminded me of the death of Seth Tobias's death in the same questionable manner, which reminded me of Paul Gilmore's mysterious death which happened the next day. Here is a flashback to that September news .

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- Rep. Paul Gillmor, R-Ohio, was found dead in his apartment Wednesday morning, according to news reports. Gillmor's body was found by staff members after he failed to show up for work, the Associated Press reported. The cause of death was not immediately known. Gillmor, 68, was first elected to Congress in 1988. He was the senior Republican member of the financial institutions and consumer credit subcommittee of the House Financial Services Committee
-Sep 5th

(I notice youtube removed this.)

Seth Tobias, Hedge-Fund Boss and TV Commentator was found dead in his pool.
-Sep 4th

And now this

Oleg Zhukovsky Banker found dead in his swimming pool near Moscow
-Dec 7

A dead banker and a Hedge fund boss and a finance politician all dead, and two of them ended up in swimming pools. Oleg's death is the most shocking to me because of this:

The paper said investigators found evidence that the house, in the elite Lesnaya Opushka community in the Odintsovo District, to the west of the capital, had been broken into, and that a plastic bag had been put over Zhukovsky's head. The banker was known to have heart trouble, and may have died while being tortured, investigators said.

However, a high-ranking investigation source told RIA Novosti that suicide was still being considered as a possible cause of death

All the dots may connect under the umbrella of two Israeli passport carrying Russian Oligarchs.

Look at what Deripaska and Potanin did today just one day after this obvious murder. If you remember I reported the RUSAL merger with Glencore Rich (formerly called Marc Rich Inc) and Rich's good buddy Oleg Deripraska and Victor Vekselberg.

I'll just give you a flash back.

------------------------------Flashback April 2007-------------------

A while back I wrote

Hilary and Bill took money from the Israeli Mossad agent Marc Rich and his wife. Hilary also has her own private slush fund (the children's defense fund) which took money from the Mossad. Clinton gave Rich a Pardon and this guy was involved in Iran Contra, a prostitution ring of kidnapped children from Russia and Brazil and the looting of Russia with the Russian Oligarch Oleg Deripaska and Boris.

The London Stock Exchange protects all these people from going to court. We call them the London Money powers. Forbes still list Rich in the top Billionaires and believes he is still actively trading. It is as open a secret as Israel's nuclear arsenal that the world just sort of rolls its eyes at and says well that's Israel, different (no) rules apply.

It was only last October that Rusal and Sual was set to merge and look and behold their mining assets are owned by the Glencore which Marc Rich (the founder and criminal Zionist Mossad agent who was a felon on the run until Clinton gave him a pardon the night before he left office and who I may remind you used the Zionist Lewis Libby (of Plame affair fame as well as Cheney's former chief of staff and PNAC author) as his lawyer for 15 years, is "said" to have sold off. Rusal's Board Chair is Oleg Deripaska. The deal will close April 1, 2007.

I am unhappy to announce that this has been completed and it happened earlier than expected. RUSAL, SUAL, Glencore Merger Results in The World's Largest Aluminum Company.

UC RUSAL combines 4 bauxite mines, 10 alumina refineries, 14 aluminum smelters and 3 foil mills. The company's assets and over 100,000 employees are located in 17 countries across 5 continents.

The new company has pro forma sales of approximately US$12 billion. The group's production capacity totals approximately 4 million tonnes of aluminium and 11 million tonnes of alumina. The company owns extensive, high quality bauxite reserves and has access to a significant energy base.

The non-executive Chairman of the Board of Directors will be Victor Vekselberg, previously Chairman of SUAL. The company will be led by Alexander Bulygin, Chief Executive Officer, who was previously CEO of RUSAL.

UC RUSAL is committed to high standards of corporate governance system in line with international standards. The new Board of Directors includes Oleg Deripaska, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Basic Element; Victor Vekselberg, Chairman of the Board of Renova Group of Companies; Len Blavatnik, Chairman of Access Industries, Inc.; Ivan Glasenberg, the CEO of Glencore; Alexander Bulygin, the CEO of the United Company; Andrew Michelmore, the CEO of En+; Michael Nossal, the CFO of En+; Vladimir Titkov, General Director, En+Service; Dmitry Afanasiev, Chairman of Egorov, Puginsky, Afanasiev & Partners and two independent non-executive directors — Nigel Kenny and Philip Lader. A third independent non-executive director will be appointed by 1 July, 2007"
.-what a list of crooks! (I added the bold)

The article does not mention that Glencore was founded by Marc Rich who Forbes states is still active. It is a open-secret that he is still involved with the company even as a pardoned felon. This story quietly came and went in the business news.

If you don't know about Marc Rich go here.-audio file included.

Alocoa formerly the largest aluminum company is also rumored to have a merger with BHP Billiton and/or Rio Tinto Ltd. Welcome to the land of wealth consolidation where fewer companies own everything. We are moving closer and closer to monopolies.

That is not all.

Hindalco Industries, and Canada's Novelis-who makes the cans for Coca-cola and Busch beer are also set to merge.

A similar strategy lies behind the proposed $5.9 billion merger between India's largest aluminum producer, Hindalco Industries, and Canada's Novelis (nyse: NVL - news - people ), the biggest producer of flat-rolled aluminum products, whose customers include Coca-Cola (nyse: KO - news - people ), Anheuser-Busch (nyse: BUD - news - people ) and General Motors (nyse: GM - news - people ). With Hindalco's own cheap supplies of bauxite and coal, the purchase of a downstream producer like Novelis, which was spun off from Alcan (nyse: AL - news - people ) after its former U.S. parent bought Pechiney of France in 2004, would make Hindalco the same sort of integrated producer that many oil companies strove to be in the 1990s.

Now stock market addicts think this is great because they can make a buck short term. However let me tell you why this is not good. First of all the people who arranged the merger of the Russian companies did so from a Criminal's company. When Russia privatized -on paper only- what really happened was the Russian PM Yegor Gaidar, (with the drunk Yeltsin in and out of the hospital,) had control and he took bribes from the Mossad and sold off massive Russian assets and companies mostly metals, to the Russian Oligarchs for pennies on the dollar. Seriously it was like 5% their actual appraisal. Then the Oligarchs (all the top seven Russian Jews with dual citizenship) kept some business and sold the rest off to Third parties mainly in the US for mountains of cash. The Russian people got the shaft, people starved to death and savings were wiped out, more people died from the financial collapse than from WWI. The Oligarchs made a lot of money. They immediately gobbled up control of Russian media. There were a fewkey murders involved in that take over as well. This merger is just making the known Mossad agent March Rich (connected with the Vince Foster murder and Clinton's slush fund as well as mafia who traded children) very wealthy. When Putin took charge and arrested one of the Oligarchs and put him in jail the others fled Russia and the Russian courts, to Israel and the UK who refuses extradite them.

It is bad for fewer hands to control metals and oil. This two resources are in-separable tied to defense companies. The MIC is just getting larger and more consolidated thus easier to manage. The Whole world is walking down the same path as did the USSR with the USSA leading the charge.

In related News Oleg lost his suit in Israel. But you see they bought Glencores assets. Oleg has been accused of acquiring smelting rights by way of bribery in Niger. Odd that this Oligarch from "Russia" of a supposedly Russian company chose to go to court in Israel (where he thought he had the best chance) and not Russia. (Where he can't go because he would be arrested immediately.)

Very telling isn't it but not if you know about the Russian Oligrachs.

Victor Vekselberg now Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Basic Element for the new Rusal was a partner in crime with Oleg. Read this about their possible asset theft and fraud.

This is telling The case claims set out allegations and particulars, which lawyers and bankers, who have been invited to prepare the marketing of the new Rusal shares in a London listing, cannot avoid investigating, especially not if they are subject to the supervision of US Government regulators. Both Vekselberg and Deripaska concede they are in an awkward position there. Vekselberg renounced his US green card and avoids traveling to the US, in order to limit his exposure to a variety of US court claims against him

And this from the same article

In Deripaska’s case, it was his butler who may prove to be the Achilles Heel, jurisdictionally speaking. Sources close to the Chernoy case say that, following the High Court filing late last year, detectives shadowing Deripaska warned process servers that he was on his way from his aircraft to his home at 6 Belgrave Square, in London. When his car pulled up, the process server made his move, and Deripaska ran for the tradesman’s entrance of the mansion. It was the butler at the front-door who took Chernoy’s writ – and he has subsequently testified that he gave it to Deripaska. The High Court will hear argument from the lawyers in the case over whether Deripaska has been lawfully served, and the case may commence. If the judge rules in favour of Deripaska’s butler, the lawyers go into further argument over whether Chernoy’s claim to have executed his shareholding deal with Deripaska in London allows the High Court to adjudicate the dispute.

How do these people walk about in the day light?
---------------------------------------------------------------------------end of flash back-----------------------------------------

Ok now Seth Tobias, the Hedge fund boss found dead in his pool, is already having his death suspected as a murder (well duh) possibly by a "Tiger" that is, his wife may have drugged him. Like Oleg Zhukovsky (who had been tortured) Seth's body had signs of prior trama, the police found cuts and bruises on his nose, forehead, and back. Remember this was not a foot ball player or some physical guy, these were not quite the typical wounds a high rolling chubby Hedge fund boss would have.

Now I am not going to get into the male hooker angle just yet. But it appears he may have been hiding this secret making him subject to blackmail but certainly he knew who the speculators were who are going to cash in on the sub-prime when they pop that bubble and they will. The toxicology reports were supposed to take about 8 weeks. Why it is that long I don't know but that is what every paper said. That time came and went and yet not a word on the report meaning there is probably a cover up. Supposedly we are still waiting for it but come on that was 2 months and 5 day ago. If he was clean of drugs then the report would clear him of it, if he was poisoned (and if it does link back to where think it does) then our media would ignore it. So what are some signs that the toxicology report did not clear him. Well it doesn't take a genius to figure out what they were when the Tobias family and his X-wife are in a massive legal battle over his 25 million dollar assets. The family is the one accusing his wife of drugging him and his assistance claims she confessed to him.

The plot thickened when it emerged that Filomena Tobias had had the pool drained and resurfaced just days after her husband died - at a cost of $9,628 - according to a court document....When the police arrived, Filomena Tobias refused to let them enter the house.

After returning with a warrant, the police found a Ziploc bag with a white powdery substance and a small bag and a straw, as well as two empty plastic prescription bottles. Seth Tobias's eyeglasses and a drinking glass were found on the bottom of the pool.

According to the brothers' lawsuit, Filomena Tobias caused her husband "to ingest one or more controlled substances that induced loss of consciousness and capacity to breathe."
-source Dec 4

Well that is from this month and I think it paints the picture even more clear. We have an unprovable confession but on top of that the police found the powder, straw, and then his glass at the bottom of the pool which collaborates with Ash's story of the confession. The two empty prescription bottles seem like an attempt to make it look like a suicide but then the tox report would show that if the pills were in his system or not. So where is the report??

Jim Cramer, the most honest Wall Street man I know, who was Tobais's former boss said he didn't understand why this wasn't in CSI Miami.

"I don't understand why this hasn't ended up on 'CSI: Miami' yet.

Now that's Tobias. On to the most recent murder Oleg Zhukovsky's .
Police investigate 'murder' of top banker. His hands and legs had been tied and there were signs of torture. Now The obvious question is who benefits? And are these deaths related?

Now I live next to Russia and I keep up with these things. Any one remember Andrei Kozlov? Probably not if you only have access to American news outlets which like to spend time talking about celebrities and OSP created fantasies. Andrei Kozlov was a central bank official who was shot and killed earlier this year in Moscow. He wanted to clean up money laundering in Russia (good luck!) and prevent criminals form even working in the banks. Sounds like a common sense idea. (I'd like known Iran Contra criminals banned from the US government but they aren't)

Kozlov said,
Those who have been found out laundering criminal money should probably be barred from staying in the banking profession for life. Such people disgrace the banking system," he was quoted as saying by Russia's Interfax news agency

He was killed five days later. Kozlov was frequently the target of smear campaigns in Russian newspapers and on websites. Irronically Zhukovsky's obvious murder had split reporting with some websites and papers reporting that he committed suicide. Too bad they couldn't buy off the police. There is no doubt now that he was murdered. It would take a Litvinenko size whopper of a lie to try and say a man tortured himself tied and then untied his hands and feet and then jumped in a pool to drown to death. I mean you might as well just say you heard it from British intelligence out of Niger. Or from an anonymous "Iraqi defector" from the INC. I would laugh at my own sarcasm were it not so dark.

So conclusion both of these men were murdered in pools no less, and there were attempts to blame it on suicides.

Now just which papers and websites trying to blame the recent murder on a suicide. Bingo the very same ones who tried to smear Kozlov and who made up the ridiculous tale of Putin poisoning Litvinenko with Pololium lol. And guess who owns/run that media....(Berezovsky) If only Bush could talk about it one of his made up words would fit nicely. "them boys been suicided." Something the Clintons were pretty good at doing by the way but that's a tangent.

Enter Samuel Zell a Jewish billionaire business man investing in Tobais who bought Tribune Company on April 2 the day after the Rusaul merger. From the Tribune company Zell took Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, and other media assets. Now Zell spoke very well of Tobias. But his papers haven't been covering much of the news.

VTB (Bank) who Zhukovsky worked for was the the higher bidder in this buy-out by Blackstone who had a (23 billion dollar) take over of Zell's Equity Office Properties.

Private equity firms buy companies, restructure their businesses, and sell them. Among Blackstone's transactions this year are a $23 billion takeover of Sam Zell's Equity

Wow that sure is a lot of money. Somebody sure doesn't want to clean up Russian Banking. Follow the media smears and the money and it goes back to the same place, the Russian Oligarchs. More specifically the Israeli Mossad. I don't want to chance fingering the wrong people based on very very suspicious albeit circumstantial evidence, however this last murder seems to be unraveling as I type. It's something to remember in the back of your mind. Three very stranger murders all involving a giant loop of equity firm transactions and media conglomerates with nefarious billionaires. I agree with Cramer, this should be sworming in CSI.

It maybe that Tobias's wife killed him. And it maybe that the people who murdered Kozlov murdered Zhukovsky, it certainly appears so. But why are there all these over lapping financial connections between them all? And why all the unsolved causes of death? The clearest one of all is Kozlov who we know was shot. One would to be a fool to think he was not targeted for challenging the Criminal Russian Bankers. His law would have excluded all of the Zionists dodging courts. I don't know yet who killed them, but we do know who is lying about it and we do know who stands to gain from it and who has gained from it. I am not so worried about the gun men or the thugs sent to do the torturing, as I am the boss who ordered them to do it and the blatant fudged cover ups in the press trying to talk about suicides and heart attacks contrary to the physical evidence. I believe I can guess who did what, (so can you) but I don't guess, I stick to facts. Let's say the players seldom change in Russian scandals. I am just waiting for some outlandish crazy type like Gary Kasparov of the NBP neo-fascist party to find some convoluted Michael Ledeen worthy fairytale to try and somehow link this to Putin.

bookmark this page as updates will follow the coming new, like the tox report and more info on the O.Z. Murder.

The pressing question will be the toxicology reports on Tobias. If Ash is telling the truth then drugs will be found. If that is true then we have another murder blamed on Suicide.

UPDATE Alexei Frenkel was found guilty of ordering the murder of Andrei Kozlov.

Ryan Dawson

Author:  Revolution [ Mon Dec 10, 2007 5:33 am ]
Post subject: 

I am just waiting for some outlandish crazy type like Gary Kasparov of the NBP neo-fascist party to find some convoluted Michael Ledeen worthy fairytale to try and somehow link this to Putin

Don't worry I am sure Paul Watson from prison planet will find a way to twist a story to fit that right out of Beresovsky's "press" reports. :roll:

Sounds like the O7 to me that you wrote about before. You should send this to It's realy good.

Author:  Phys [ Mon Dec 10, 2007 11:33 am ]
Post subject: 


Author:  Ry [ Mon Dec 10, 2007 11:38 am ]
Post subject: 

You know the part in Batman when the science guy comes in talking about protiens and chemicals and stuff, to say he found a cure for a poison? And Batman is like what is that in English because I'm not sure I understand all that. And the Doc says I know, I just wanted you to know how hard it was to figure out what I did.

... That's how I feel about explaining my research on this article. I know most aren't going to read it or will just skip to the end where I always sum things up but I put it all in there anyway. Same reason.

Author:  Phys [ Mon Dec 10, 2007 11:56 am ]
Post subject: 

Yeah, I know what you mean. I hope people do read it and I do hope you send it to cause it is that good. Can't people help get it put on or is that WRH? Maybe we all can help get it on both but I forgot what it is I need to do to make that happen.

The thing that has always shocked me about your writings is that you give it away when you could be making money on it while educating people. :shrug: If you sold more, then you could buy more diamonds. :lol:

Now your going to get some nut job in here cutting your work up and pretending it's their work like that youtuber.

Author:  Ed [ Mon Dec 10, 2007 2:14 pm ]
Post subject: 

holy shit. that's all i can say.

Author:  rory5 [ Mon Dec 10, 2007 3:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Thanks

Well I read the whole thing and it makes good logical sense to me. And somehow not surprising. Game plan: control the press , control the lawyers (get your people in and murder any whistleblowers), then steal launder and lie your way to the top.

This info is important. I just wish it would get out to more people than us few AN regulars.

You're just doing what I try to do when I've gone through any discovery process requiring several steps of activity or logic (because I know I have about 2 brain cells left responsible for memory)...I write the sh*t down before its too late.

Then of course I lose my sheet of paper but that's another topic (2 cells again).

Author:  Ry [ Mon Dec 10, 2007 8:22 pm ]
Post subject: 

Help me get it out to more than just AN readers :)

Or just make more AN readers.

I took my time yesterday write this report and the one on diamonds and Israel. I popped out two quality papers. One went on WRH. However this one here is a little harder to get out. I sent it to around we'll see how that goes.

Author:  Phys [ Tue Dec 11, 2007 12:16 am ]
Post subject: 

Ok, I will do that.

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