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 Post subject: Aliyev, Abdullah, Turkey & Susurluk
 Post Posted: Wed Apr 03, 2013 10:39 am 
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Aliyev Abdullah Turkey & Susurluk

In regards, to the 1995 Grey Wolf assassination attempt or scare tactic on Aliyev in order to force him into Western hands, I have to disagree with the motives here. Certainly operation Gladio under the Turkish sphere is capable and the US-NATO puppeteers in Brussels would enjoy pulling Azerbaijan under their umbrella. The problem is this hypothesis that Aliyev was scared into complying by Grey Wolf teams backed by Turkey who was ultimately back by the US and UK besides being too circumstantial is that the west already had him.

Rewind to 1994, Bill White who was the US Energy Deputy Secretary, Tim Eggar who was the Energy Minister for the UK, and John Browne from BP, struck the deal for the ACG oil consortium President Heydar Aliyev. It was referred to as "The Deal of the Century" This was back in September of 1994 before the 1995 assassination attempt.

BP had the largest single chuck with 17.1% of the Western Consortium. Four American companies Amoco, Unocal, Pennzoil(Devon), and McDermott International had a combined 38.8% The next largest was from Azerbaijan born Russian Oligrach Alexiprov who took 10% with LUKoil. The rest went to Norway, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and a another British company Ramco.

Aliyev was already set on getting capital from wherever and had already capitulated to western oil/gas companies. The BTC line would not come for another 10 years. Already also in 1994 Aliyev Sr. and Demirel had agreed to send the oil through Turkey in order to hit a port and spread to Western markets. The big question and problem was the intermediary countries. They had a few options, it could go through Armenia, Iran or Russia via the Black Sea. Oddly, Georgia where it ended up was not even considered.

Of course Iran was out of the picture from the beginning because of US objections. At the time Georgia was in a civil war so that was out of the question. Of course Armenia was the most direct passage and the most cost efficient. This was favored by all the industries but not the governments. Territorial disputes squashed any chances of a line passing there. The Nagorno Karabakh conflict had only been resolved 4 months before that Oil Consortium was signed in September of 1994 and Aliyev had basically sacrificed a large chunk of territory to Armenian control to do it leaving about a million IDP in Nagorno Karabakh under Armenian control. Passing a line through there would be political suicide. Eventually the BTC lines were both built passing through Georgia to Turkey. This was after a long tug of war with Russia who was slowing down the process using everything from NGOs to Environmental organization trying to site one reason or another why the lines could not go through Georgia.

Regardless of where it went though Turkey was going to be the final middle man and that was all agreed upon before the attempted coup in 1994 on Aliyev. So the question is then, if it wasn't over energy interest, and Azerbaijan was already selling the greatest share of the consortium other than to itself to the West mainly to America and Britain, why would the Grey Wolves try to kill (or try to scare) Aliyev?

I would have to conclude that it really was because of his family's mafia debts to Casinos.

As for Susurluk If you dont know what that is, look up the Susurluk Scandal. Briefly, Abdullah Çatlı a NATO backed privateer and mafia hit-man who had been used and protected for too many operations and arrest to name, died in a car crash in Susurluk in Turkey. On his person he had a fake passport, sub machine guns, illegal drugs, thousands of US dollars, diplomatic credentials, given by the Turkish authorities, a government-approved weapons permit and listening devices. He was traveling with a senior police official, another mafia member, and a Kurdish Warlord used by Turkey.

Abdullah Çatlı and his associates most likely really murdered with the cover explanation being a car crash. This was a personal vendetta and turf war between drug dealers. t would be hard to explain how Sedat Bucak survived even with a fractured skull and broken leg and not know or say what happened if there really was some team moving in and snapping the neck of other survivors as witnesses are alleged to have stated. Eyewitnesses reportedly said this and that but given how rumors go, this is not very solid. However that the truck driver Hasan Gökçe who hit their car was bailed out for 3.4 million dollars (6.4 TL from 1996) ought to raise a serious stink around the event.

You have a mafia god father, who tried to kill Aliyev another mob boss with close ties to Alekprov a very very rich mobster, dying with a senior official of the police, incriminating documents, US dollars, and narcotics all in the same car. This was because they just left a meeting from the same hotel (obviously the location of the set up). Then apparently, Ali Yasak was also at least at the scene too which makes what really happened quite confusing, but it makes what did not happen a simple chance car accident quiet clear. As a side note of interesting circumstantial evidence Sami Hostan who cooperated and gave some outrageous testimony for to the commission was arrested for narcotics in 1998 but was out of jail in just 3 months. What kind of sentencing is that? I would like to see the autopsy reports and see if they confer with broken necks. But without reading Turkish I would need many days to find such documentation.

I would conclude, that although the nationalist wing of rent-a-terrorists were certainly under US-NATO control along with their ugly step brothers the "moderate Islamist" (Turkey ~ Fethullah Gulen) and "Islamic extremist" (think- Mujaheddin, Wahhabi, MEK, etc) conduct twisted murder operations, drug and weapons smuggling and false flag attacks, the feinted coup appears to have been more about personal debt than geopolitics.

-Ryan Dawson

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